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Oregon Sheriffs Take Stand For Second Amendment, Refuse to Enforce Newly Passed Leftist Gun Control Bill

HNewsWire: On March 20, 2021, in Olympia, Washington, people gather for a Second Amendment demonstration at the State Capitol. Photos by David Ryder / Getty Images.
Oregon's sheriffs are resisting one of the strictest gun control laws in the country out of respect for the Constitution.

Oregon's Measure 114 was approved by a large margin last week.

Measure 114, as reported by Fox News, bans ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds. The law also mandates that fingerprints be taken before licenses are issued and that officers get in-person weapons training.

Opponents of the legislation say it will virtually prohibit handgun sales in Oregon and will take police resources away from fighting crime to administer permit databases and provide guns training.

Now, some Oregon sheriffs are opting not to implement the state's harsh new legislation.

At least five sheriffs have reportedly declared that they will not implement the new rule, citing fears that it will violate the Second Amendment and consume law enforcement resources, preventing them from addressing genuine problems, as reported by Fox News.

"The main thing is this does absolutely nothing to solve the problem," Union County Sheriff Cody Bowen said in a statement. We aren't having a problem with magazine capacity. These are not criminal records checks. Lack of public understanding of mental illness is to blame. This is a concern in the field of behavioral health.

His next statement was, "Our civilization as a whole is a greater problem than stating that, you know, the firearms are murdering people."

Sheriffs Michelle Duncan of Linn County, Brian Wolfe of Malheur County, Jason Pollock of Jefferson County, and Brad Lohrey of Sherman County have all expressed worries similar to Bowen's about the new statute.

The sheriffs who oppose this extreme measure are correct in doing so. It is obviously unlawful, and we know from past attempts to reduce gun violence that this approach fails.

In several of the states with the toughest gun control laws, violent crime has increased dramatically in recent years.

Consider Illinois, which has the eighth-strictest anti-gun legislation in the country. As the Highland Park shooting in July showed, Chicago is still one of the most dangerous cities in the country despite these regulations.

Even though New York is ranked sixth in the nation for gun restriction, a deranged individual was nevertheless able to perpetrate a mass shooting in Buffalo that month.

Then there's Philadelphia, where the homicide rate is so high that cemeteries are running out of space despite the state of Pennsylvania's rigorous gun control laws.

It's not just the USA where these efforts have failed to produce any results. Consider Japan, which has among of the world's tightest gun prohibitions despite the assassination of former prime leader Shinzo Abe in July using a handmade pistol.

It also highlights another major problem with the measure. There is a nationwide crime wave sweeping the United States that is unprecedented in recent memory. However, Oregon is making things worse by diverting police resources from dealing with actual crimes to facilitating the acquisition of guns and the training of their owners.

Criminals in Oregon may now run rampant knowing that the police have less tools at their disposal to stop them.

Especially in a liberal state like California, where both the state government and the media are antagonistic to law enforcement, these sheriffs deserve praise for their work. The police department's stance in support of citizens' rights guaranteed by the Constitution is a welcome change.

We need more leaders like them if we're ever going to be able to address the crime crisis that has gripped our nation.

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