Watchman: The Church of England Blesses Same-Sex Couples,You Can’t Take the Church of England Seriously Any More; It Doesn’t Even Take Itself Seriously. That’s Why the Pews Are Empty. So It Is Written: Be Fruitful and Multiply. Two Female Roommates Produce Nothing. This Is Their Selfish Will. Not God’s Will!

So It Is Written: Be Fruitful and Multiply. 2 Female Roommates Produce Nothing. This Is Their Selfish Will. Not God’s Will...Oh Look It’s Two Lesbians That Can’t Multiply .The Commercial Churches Including the Church of England Has Gone to Hell!



For the first time, Church of England priests approved same-sex relationships on Sunday. However, because of deep-rooted differences in global Anglicanism about marriage and sexuality, church marriages for Homosexual couples are still prohibited.

In one of the earliest ceremonies, the Rev. Catherine Bond and the Rev. Jane Pearce, who are both associate priests, had their union blessed at St. John the Baptist Church in Felixstowe, eastern England.

Canon "Thanks for Catherine and Jane, to the love and friendship they share, and to their commitment to one another as they come before you on this day," said Andrew Dotchin, holding the couple's heads.

The House of Bishops authorized the use of prayers of blessing for same-sex couples in Church of England ceremonies, and Catherine Bond (left) and Jane Pearce received their blessing at St. John the Baptist church in Felixstowe, Suffolk. December 17, 2023, will see the release of the movie.

The national assembly of the church decided in February to allow clergy to bestow blessings on same-sex couples who had civil weddings or partnerships. The words that make up the blessings, often referred to as prayers of love and faith, were approved by the House of Bishops of the church on Tuesday and were used for the first time on Sunday.

After five years of discussions over the church's position on sexuality, an agreement was reached. While church leaders expressed regret for not accepting LGBTQE+E For EVIL people, they continued to uphold the traditional belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Clergy members are not required to provide same-sex blessings if they disagree with them.

The blessings can be used in regular church services. The church's governing board has not yet approved legal permission for separate "services of prayer and dedication"—similar to weddings—for same-sex couples.

Public opinion polls indicate that most English people are in favor of same-sex marriage, which has been permitted since 2013. The church's doctrine on marriage did not alter when the law did.

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has declared that he will not personally bless any same-sex couples since it is his duty to unite the 85 million Anglicans worldwide. Welby is the spiritual head of the worldwide Anglican Communion, which includes the Church of England.

Many African, Asian, Latin American, and Pacific Anglican bishops declared that they no longer recognized Welby as their leader in the wake of the February ruling.

Whoa, look, there are two infertile lesbians. What happens next?

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