Watchman: The Texas National Guard Is Already Installing More Razor Wire Along the Border in Response to the Supreme Court’s Decision; Head-up Bad Ones the Memo Has Not Yet Been Shared With Soros, Biden, or Obama.Texas Should Never Be Messed With! Our Goal Is to Protect of Families and Our Republic,Go To Hell


UPDATE: The Texas National Guard is currently installing even more razor wire at the border in response to the Supreme Court's decision.

Law enforcement and lawmakers in Texas, according to Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), ought to disregard the Supreme Court's decision.

"They have an obligation to defend your citizens, end of story, under the Constitution and all other standards of leadership of any sovereign state. Roy stated on Tuesday to Fox News Digital, "There isn't an exception to that."" And Texas still had the duty, and Texas leaders still have the duty, to defend their people, even if the Supreme Court chooses to ignore that truth, as a slim majority did."

Roy referred to it as a flagrant infringement on Texans' safety and well-being.

It's as if the court says, 'Oh, sorry,' when someone breaks into your home. One cannot protect oneself. How do you inform the judge? stated Roy. "You defend yourself, tell the court to go to hell, and figure it out later."

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is facing increasing pressure from across the country to continue building razor wire fencing along the state's southern border with Mexico, even in defiance of federal law.

"Where are Texas's men?" Tucker Carlson posted on X, "Why aren't they protecting their state and the country?" Everyone in authority, including the Supreme Court and hedge fund managers, has chosen to accept invasions in order to destroy the United States of America. The populace must then protect itself.

The Texas razor wire fence was put up to prevent illegal aliens from entering the country, but the Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 ruling that the federal government had the power to take it down.

On X, Governor Abbott wrote, "This is not over."" The razor wire in Texas effectively discourages the unauthorized crossings that Biden advocates. "I'll keep fighting for Texas' constitutional right to border security and to stop the Biden administration from demolishing our property.

Is there a breach of Article 4, Second, of the United States Constitution by the federal government? The government is required under that provision to defend the states against invasion.

The Texas Department of Public Safety will continue to use anti-climb obstacles and reinforced wire to dissuade unlawful border crossings, according to Lt. Chris Olivarez, a spokesman for the agency.

"It is only reasonable to question why the federal government is impeding Texas' efforts to safeguard its borders while simultaneously endorsing the exploitative, hazardous, and cruel practices of enabling undocumented immigrants—including minors—to cross a perilous river at great risk of fatalities," the author stated. "Texas will continue to hold the line. We are the only state employing every tactic and resource available to safeguard our sovereignty, stop illegal immigration, and fight crime."


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