Watchman: the W.H.O Is Run by a Psychotic Marxist War Criminal Puppet That Was Installed by the CCP and Bill Gates


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The United Nation’s (UN) global health democide node is the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO is run by a psychotic Marxist war criminal puppet that was installed by the CCP and Bill Gates.

The UN wants to lock the entire planet down forever through PSYOP-19 “pandemics” and PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE. They will poison the planet with Modified mRNA slow kill bioweapon injections, and other depopulation schemes all while conspiring with captured governments to strip humanity of their constitutional and natural rights. They will push through the X Everything App social credit score system that will control the remaining human survivors within their 15 Minute Cities in a planetary AI-driven dystopia.

This is what the Great Reset and Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda are all about.

REPOST: MUST SEE: Goals of UN Agenda 21 in 5 minutes! With Rosa Koire

REPOST: MUST SEE: Goals of UN Agenda 21 in 5 minutes! With Rosa Koire

Since the PSYOP-19 Depopulation and Control program was foisted on the planet by the One World Government, the majority of the focus has been on the WEF, WHO, FDA, CDC and Gates’ “non-profits”, and rightly so. These are the major Cult nodes that have been the most overt engines of unconstitutional lockdowns, MK Ultra Masking, EUA slow kill bioweapon inje…

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The Global Health Project has produced one of the most important videos that you will ever see exposing what the WHO is attempting to get away with:

May 24, 2024: W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty "Judgment Day"

The largest, most comprehensive global Communist power grab ever seen is occurring as we speak, and most people have no idea that it is even happening.

This is not a traditional communist revolution as we have all been well trained to spot, but rather a sophisticated global, binding, medical "treaty" orchestrated by the W.H.O. which will leave any participating member states essentially POWERLESS in the event of a proclaimed "pandemic".

This is not hyperbole or exaggeration. And every man, woman and child on this planet's lives will be irrevocably changed for the worse on May 24, 2024 if it is not stopped.

The W.H.O. is a failed and conspicuously compromised organization on many levels, most notably being their abject failure to alert the world early to the #COVID19 pandemic when it may have still been contained. Many blame conflicts of interest with China as well as significant individual donors such as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, GAVI, and others for the inexcusable lack of judgment and action during this epic disaster, costing millions of lives.

Despite this abysmal track record of performance, the W.H.O. is demanding that their power be EXPANDED, as if making the failed organization larger would in turn make it operate more effectively. Some of the key proposals include:

1. The ability of the W.H.O. to assume total control of any public health outbreak that they conclude is of global significance. This is not limited to contagious diseases but any concept that might impact health on a global scale (consider Climate Change, Gun Violence, Farming Practices, etc.);

2. The W.H.O. to become the sole decision making, extra-national agency to decide upon any and all approved treatments for such public health crises;

3. The W.H.O. to be declared the sole arbiter of which nations receive which treatments approved by the W.H.O. (and resources such as stockpiled medicines, PPE, additional funding, etc.) should be redistributed from one country to another with the express goal of achieving "equity" (per the W.H.O.'s definition of "equity" at such time);

And much more.

International politicians are sleepwalking into these treaties believing them to be similar to previous health related treaties in days past, where the W.H.O. is given some limited, non-binding power to make recommendations, etc. but does not interfere with a sovereign nation's ability to manage public health crises on as they deem fit. This could not be further from the truth. These treaties violate nearly all western constitutions by allowing a foreign power the ability to nullify and void - for indefinite amounts of time - the existing constitutional laws and civil rights protections of these nation states upon proclamation of a public health crisis. These representatives are either too incompetent to understand this or are captured and supportive of the power grab. The citizenry, as usual, has no say in these discussions.

Contact your local congress person today and tell them to say#NOtoWHO by drafting legislation precluding our involvement in such unconstitutional treaties vis a vis unelected representatives at the U.N. and the W.H.O. who are NOT representing our interests in this treaty.

Protect your health future Protect our country's national soverignty Say #NotoWHO#TakeBackYourPower


There will be another “pandemic.”

They will attempt to steal away more of your rights and freedoms.

They will suppress drugs that actually work.

They will attempt to murder your with slow kill bioweapon “vaccines.”

They will continue to manufacture ever more wars, market crashes and false flags.

They want you dead.



Do NOT comply.

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