Watchman: The World Is Become Increasingly Dark. NFL Announces That the Super Bowl Will Feature a Performance of the “Black National Anthem” Its All About The Color of Your Skin


The "Black National Anthem" is a song that will be played at Super Bowl LVIII's pregame show, the NFL has announced. This announcement has generated discussion and a range of feelings on social media and elsewhere.
The NFL said on January 18 that Grammy-winning R&B singer Andra Day will perform the "Black National Anthem," or "Lift Every Voice and Sing," prior to the Super Bowl game on February 11 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Black Americans utilized the 1900 hymn, written by NAACP leader James Weldon Johnson, as a rallying cry during the civil rights fight.

America will witness a civil war as a result of it. It appears that our nation has forgotten how to unite as one. When this definite non-American liberal BS gets shoved down our throats, I'm not watching any NFL games. I have eleven Patriots who fought in the American Revolution to free my country from the English Kings.

Sounds like it might be a good time for Americans to give the Super Bowl the good old “Bud Light” treatment.

It is absurd to think that the black national song should be used in our purportedly united nation to commemorate a different racial group!
"One National Anthem" for all races in this country is how I honor it!

I strongly disagree that we should compose separate songs for each race in our country to be performed by specific vocalists at our big athletic events. Instead, we should develop more anthems for all races in this country! The game and event won't take place at any point. How horrible and nonsensical this is, I cannot believe!

I am neither a bigot nor a racist. I have grandchildren, Spanish children, White children, and Black children. These hatemongers and rabble-rouses who are advocating for this ought to have their heads pushed up their butts. Every American has a common anthem! Most of these folks wouldn't be here or wouldn't be allowed to be such holes if it weren't for this "Racist Country."

This is the root cause of violence, hatred, and racism. This mindset of tribesmen! It is our duty to be Americans, not Americans with a hyphen. You are a friend and an accomplice of the hatred if you watch another sporting event with a demography that is antithetical to the nation.

After describing unity so well in his inaugural speech in January 2021, where is it now?

Every night as I get ready for bed, I pray for our nation, for Joe Biden's decision to let millions of immigrants enter the country without a clue about our legal system or history. They violated their first rule by entering our nation without the required paperwork. This beloved nation, which many of us have sacrificed our lives to protect, will vanish if Biden wins the next election.

In large cities, lawless behavior is not even penalized, so people are free to continue robbing, attacking, and harming whoever they choose. The Bible makes it obvious that the end times are approaching. This is the next item. There are a great deal of sinners in this nation who will never be able to cross the river of fire that is Hell. President Biden and your son, good bye. You are entitled to burn in hell and never emerge since you have earned it.

Americans have had enough of people who mislead us. Politicians and civilians alike must uphold the Constitution. The president and the members of his cabinet are office holders who have sworn to uphold and defend our laws and the Constitution, meaning that we are in charge. Not only do they not do that for us.



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