Watchman: Trump Was Mysteriously Convinced To Cede the COVID Response (And Practically Speaking, Control of the Nation) to the National Security Council. Civil Liberties—Freedom of Assembly, Worship, the Right To Travel, To Earn One’s Living, To Pursue One’s Education, To Obtain Legal Relief—Were Rendered Null and Void By Trump/Anthony Fauci.Will The People Make The Same Mistake Again!


Top-down COVID patient management orders were imposed with a militaristic rigor never before witnessed in doctors' careers. Mandatory protocols were absurd. They violated medical ethics and practice. They brazenly lied about safe, effective drugs. Protocols made people die.

Physicians and other professionals who spoke out were court-martialed. The rush to delicense, decertify, and dismiss dissenters nearly derailed state medical boards, specialty certification boards, and huge healthcare system employers. True doctors like Peter McCullough, Mary Talley Bowden, Scott Jensen, Simone Gold, and others were vilified, while bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci were praised as “America’s Top Doctor.” It was unpleasant and obvious propaganda. Then came the kills.

The outcome resembles a massive military operation. Some warmongers are very affluent, but millions are dead, millions more are psychologically traumatized, and economies are in ruins. New billionaire Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel oversaw the establishment of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. None of the miscreants are in prison.

At this writing, most major healthcare systems, specialty regulatory bodies, specialty associations, and medical schools are still following the received—and now false—narrative. Their Pharma or Government funding hinges on their loyalty. They will respond the same to future orders until something drastic changes. Medicine is thoroughly militaryized. Tribulation In Play.

Revelation 4:1 introduces a section of Scripture that details “things which must be hereafter.” What follows are prophecies of the “end times.” We have reached the tribulation, the revelation of the Antichrist, or other “end-time” events. What we do see is a “preparation” for those events.

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