Watchman Warning: The New Transspecies Are Deadly Animals. Just Ask Dr.Gates, Google, FakeBook, or MSM. It’s All Part of Their Plan

How many times will this story change??

These deceased animals are the new transspecies. Ask MSM, Google, FakeBook, or Dr. Gates. They have a plan for all of this.

The gunman, a transgender Woman posing as a Man, opened fire inside Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church.

Genesse was Jeffrey Escalante's alias. He entered the church during a service held in Spanish and started shooting. The attack resulted in injuries to an adult and a child.

The domestic terrorist was shot and killed by two security officers who were not on duty.

And don't misunderstand: a member of the LGBTQE E for Evil community carried out a domestic terrorist strike at Lakewood Church.

Over a dozen of these attacks have occurred, one of which was at Nashville's Covenant Christian School.

Three children were among the six victims that the transgender activist gunman in that instance killed.

Federal inquiries into the reasons behind young people becoming violent extremists as a result of the LGBTQE movement are long overdue.

America's churches ought to be on high alert. It is now essential to have a security crew with professional training rather than just a luxury. GUNS People.

Another crazy illegal with a long criminal history who somehow voted in elections!
This time, millions are our future. Do not expect the liberal media to report this! They will protect all trans people, no matter how grisly the crime!!!

Genesse Moreno, also known as Jeffrey Escalante, was the shooter who opened fire at a Houston megachurch while allegedly using a 7-year-old child as a human shield, according to off-duty police officers who shot and killed her.

Police said a woman in her early 30s entered Lakewood Church on Feb. 11 wearing a trench coat and backpack, armed with a long rifle, and began firing.

According to Houston Police Chief Troy Finner, two off-duty officers, one a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent and the other a Houston police officer, managed to stop the shooter before She/he could kill anyone.

“I want to commend those officers. She had a long gun, and it could’ve been a lot worse, but they stepped up and they did their job,” Chief Finner said during a media briefing on the afternoon of Feb. 11.

How many times will this story change??



Deadly Mentally Ill

Of fact, the mythical idea of switching to the other sex is total nonsense, and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) correctly classified it as a mental disease until 2013. That same year, the DSM-5 demoted transgenderism to "gender dysphoria," and you can bet your bottom dollar that the leftists in charge of the APA will do away with it entirely in the upcoming edition, just as they did when they removed homosexuality from the list of mental diseases. That deception was the result of sustained lobbying by numerous pro-homosexual groups and the voting body of the American Psychological Association, not scientific or medical advancements. That was the first step toward it becoming accepted by the general public; the transgender issue is going in a similar direction.

The usual liberals posing as journalists will be lecturing us over the next several days about all the bad things that happen to our contemporary society when guns are allowed. However, criticism of transgenderism will be strictly forbidden.We'll be informed that Audrey Hale was becoming the ideal male, that this was her "authentic self," and that whatever suffering she endured was the result of a prejudiced and oppressive society that cannot embrace the remarkable individuals who realize they must change. No, they won't be upset about it; instead, the guilt lies with everyone who has studied human biology and history since the beginning of time.

For the record, it is not intended to suggest that Ms. Hale killed people because of her apparent transgender preference. Having a variety of mental conditions or being transgender does not always make someone a violent threat to society. However, a transgender diagnosis or self-identification is a mental illness, and neither leftist spin nor rainbow flags at a march will reverse that.

There is overlap among the many categories of mental disorder, and transgender people also have greater rates of depression, anxiety, substance addiction, psychosis, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The left argues that research that conclusively show this is because of "bullying" and stigmatization by the larger society, and that these findings are somehow faulty. That's the smokescreen they put up when uncomfortable truths come to light.

Instead of changing everyone's definition of pronouns, toilet usage, sports team requirements, and claimed rights, we should demand that those who believe they are a different sex undergo competent psychiatric treatment, even in the absence of biological evidence to the contrary. Although transgenderism was not the catalyst for Audrey Hall's murders of unidentified adults and children, it was one of her mental diseases, and as such, it should not be minimized or treated as anything less than a mental illness. Instead of supporting mental illness, we must treat it.

The atrocities committed against children in the 21st century are even worse than those committed by Josef Mengele.

The gunman who opened fire inside Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church was transgender – a man pretending to be a woman. He also scrawled the words, “Free Palestine” on her AR-15.

Genesse Escalante previously went by the name Jeffrey and an extensive criminal record. He walked into the church during a Spanish-language service and opened fire. An adult and a child were injured in the attack.

Two off-duty security guards returned fire and killed the domestic terrorist.

And make no mistake – that’s exactly what happened at Lakewood Church – a domestic terrorist attack – perpetuated by a member of the LGBT community.

There have been more than a dozen such attacks – including Covenant Christian School in Nashville. The shooter in that case – a transgender activist – who killed six people including three children.

  • Colorado Springs shooter – nonbinary
  • Nashville school shooter – transgender
  • Denver school shooter – transgender
  • Iowa school shooter – transgender

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is calling for investigators to look into whether or not the shooting was a hate crime targeting Latinos, the Houston Chronicle reported.

It’s time for federal investigations about why the LGBT movement is turning young people into violent extremists.

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