Watchman: House Democrats Accuse Jack Hibbs Labeled as a Preacher of Hate by Some the Time of Prosecution for Faithful Followers Has Come

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House Democrats accuse Jack Hibbs is labeled as a preacher promoting extreme Christian beliefs. True believers are facing persecution.

A group of House Democrats, led by a non-religious individual, is upset about an invocation given by Jack Hibbs, the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, a large church in California.

Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA), a self-described secular humanist who denies the existence of God, became upset after Hibbs was invited by Speaker Mike Johnson to deliver an invocation before the House.

Huffman, along with over two dozen Democrats, penned a letter criticizing the evangelical Christian leader, labeling him as unqualified and accusing him of promoting a Christian nationalist agenda.

The letter portrays Hibbs as someone with strong beliefs who played a role in the events of January 6th and has a history of expressing negative views towards certain groups.

These facts indicate a surprising disregard for the religious diversity of our Congress and pluralistic nation. Speaker Johnson, along with the House Chaplain, seemingly disregarded chaplaincy guidelines by allowing an unqualified hate preacher to speak as guest chaplain. The preacher shares the Speaker's Christian nationalist agenda and opposition to church-state separation, according to the members' letter.

Here is the complete prayer that caused a reaction from the Democrats:

Let us come together in prayer. Oh, powerful God and loving Father, we gather before you seeking your forgiveness, mercy, goodness, and grace. For over 250 years, our predecessors in this assembly have sought divine guidance and protection. Today, we humbly ask for the same blessings: that our nation and its exceptional constitution, a precious gift to all who cherish freedom, may be revitalized and shine as a symbol of hope for those pursuing peace. I ask you today, Father. To bring us a great awakening of righteousness and confidence in the One who alone is mighty to save. Listen to my plea during this time of urgency so that we may receive your blessings through the repentance of our country's wrongdoings. Oh, powerful God, we ask for your divine wisdom to guide those in charge of our nation's affairs. Be mindful of the impending judgment day, when all will be held accountable for their decisions. I present this prayer to you, Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Son, your Son, our crucified Savior, and resurrected Lord. May it be so in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Jack Hibbs 

Upon discovering that a controversial preacher was invited to give a guest invocation, many were shocked and felt the need to speak out, according to Huffman's statement to Roll Call.

Hibbs vehemently refuted any involvement in the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol. In an interview with the Washington Times, he requested Huffman provide any evidence linking him to January 6, as he considers it a false accusation since he was not involved in the incident.

I have known Pastor Hibbs for a number of years and have had the opportunity to hear him preach on numerous occasions. He is known as one of the most dedicated and faith-filled preachers in our nation. He is a righteous and honorable man. And that's probably why an atheist like Mr. Huffman got upset.

When a devout man of faith cannot offer prayers for this nation, its greatness will diminish. And that day is here!


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