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A preacher in New Hampshire who organizes prayer sessions and study groups in his home is facing potential fines of up to $500 per day. It just so turns out that the dwelling is a barn.

The pastor of Grace New England Church in the town of Weare, Howard Kaloogian, leads a meeting of around twelve believers in his home.

Meetings take place in the most spacious area of his residence, a significantly renovated barn.

The pastor has hosted multiple gatherings in the barn, including a meet-and-greet for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who was a presidential candidate. Many hundreds of people were in attendance.

However, the town's officials, especially the zoning enforcement officer, who is an outspoken atheist, are upset about the church services.

According to Decision Magazine, he arrived at Kaloogian's residence and informed him that he could no longer hold any religious gatherings there, including in the barn.

After receiving a "cease and desist" order from town officials, the pastor's legal team at First Liberty Institute took action by filing a federal lawsuit.

The notice instructed to halt and gather at Grace New England Church right away. This cease and desist will remain effective until the Town Planning Board receives and reviews a site plan and reaches a decision.

The town warned Pastor Kaloogian that sanctions would be imposed if he did not fully comply with the directive.

First Liberty claimed that the cease-and-desist letter warned of potential fines for hosting gatherings in his home.

In Weare, residents are allowed to host book clubs, card games, and Super Bowl parties in their homes. However, they are unable to host worship sessions or religious study groups.

First Liberty argued that Pastor Kaloogian is being singled out because of the religious aspect of his small group meetings. The town's actions hinder Grace New England from freely practicing its constitutionally protected religious freedom and unfairly target the Church based on its beliefs.

According to Jeremy Dys, an attorney for First Liberty, the town violated federal law and the US Constitution by prohibiting the church from gathering.

As per Jeremy Dys, Senior Counsel at First Liberty, "hundreds of thousands of Americans gather in homes daily for prayer meetings, study groups, book clubs, card games, and other activities." "Why would authorities from the town of Weare prevent this small religious group from legally doing the same?"

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