Watchman:Texas Seizes Control of Parks and Blocks Border Patrol: The Beginning of a Civil War Long Overdue? Maybe, Depends on the Obama/Biden’s Next Move, Texans Are Feed-Up


The states need to take action and reclaim their authority over the federal government, and this is an excellent illustration of why they need to do so.

Every single person must keep in mind... The federal government was established by the states in order to carry out a limited number of significant functions.
We need to remind the bureaucrats in Washington, DC of this.



The Texas National Guard has taken control of a park at the U.S. southern border and is preventing federal agents from accessing the area. This action is viewed as a notable increase in tensions between the state and the Biden administration.

According to two government officials, there seems to be some confusion regarding the authority of Texas officials over the federal government. They have reportedly been contesting entry to Border Patrol agents, hindering their ability to carry out their duties.

The Texas National Guard assumed command of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass. Security measures have been implemented to restrict access to the area.

According to a statement from spokesman Michael Perry, the Texas National Guard has been stationed in Shelby Park since 2021, ensuring security with checkpoints and a temporary barrier. Our focus is on anticipating and addressing potential increases in illegal immigration, as well as limiting the influence of groups that facilitate unauthorized border crossings in the park and surrounding Eagle Pass region.

The Border Patrol Union commended Gov. Abbott for his proactive approach.

According to a statement given to Fox News, Brandon Judd emphasized that Governor Abbott is actually improving Border Patrol operations rather than causing harm. By taking charge of Shelby Park, our agents can now be deployed to areas with significant numbers of individuals fleeing capture. Governor Abbott's actions should be recognized as a powerful catalyst for change.

According to Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, it is the duty of the federal government to protect states from any form of invasion. The Biden administration has clearly fallen short in fulfilling their constitutional duties. Therefore, Gov. Abbott has the full authority to employ any measures required to safeguard the residents of the Lone Star State. We Texans Agree!

Any federal agent or officer who removes border barricades, razor wire fencing, or tries to assist individuals in crossing the border should be promptly taken into custody by the Texas Rangers. And Will Be!

It would be beneficial for other states to take similar actions and apprehend any federal officers who are disregarding state laws by aiding individuals who have entered the country illegally.

The Lone Star State should be aware that they have support in their honorable mission to uphold and safeguard the sovereignty of TX and the United States.

Texas Takes Control of Parks and Blocks Border Patrol: Is a Civil War on the Horizon? The Fed Don't Wanna Mess With Texas! There a Gun Behind Every Tree in Texas Obama/Biden,Bill Killem Gates et al.


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