Dinesh Kaushiva July 16, 2023

Video Report of Biblical Prophecies that are currently being fulfilled in Israel.  The commentary and summary comments are of the Video's Edito;
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"Attention, world! the latest news from Israel - three spine-chilling prophetic events have just taken place, and the world is left in shock. These terrifying..."
Video Editor's comments:
"Attention, world! the latest news from Israel - three spine-chilling prophetic events have just taken place, and the world is left in shock. These terrifying incidents have shocked the nation to its core and are sending shivers down the spines of those who have witnessed them. Let us uncover the truth behind these apocalyptic occurrences and explore what they mean for the future of Israel and the world. Are you ready to face the truth and discover the dark secrets that lie ahead? Without any further delay let's get started! terrifying discovery, shocking, scientist are scarred, dangerous, secrets, discovering, scientists discovered, archaeology, horrifying discoveries, bizarre discoveries, mysteries, scientists struggle, euphrates river, new discoveries 2022, euphrates river drying up, euphrates river drying up 2022, the euphrates river, end of times, book of enoch, super volcanoes, mississippi river drying up 2022, revelations, drought, euphrates river drying up 2022, end of times, rapture, biblical archaeology, scientists, biblical archaeology, biblical, garden of eden, Jerusalem, third temple, Israel, Israel news, the prophecy, rapture."
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