‘Winter of Death’ 2.0? Fake Dr. Fauci Just Threatened 70% of Americans So, the New Plandemic for MonkeyPox Homosexuals Won’t Be Allowed in Public Without a Condom and a (Face Diaper), Right Fauci?

HNewsWire: The sequel to 'Winter of Death'? Dr. Fauci has just threatened 70% of Americans. As a result of the new MonkeyPox pandemic, homosexuals will be prohibited from entering street without a condom and a mask (Face Diaper)

Dr. Anthony Fauci has issued another COVID-19 warning, stating in an interview on Tuesday that individuals who are not up to date on immunizations would "get into problems" this autumn and winter.

"They're going to go into problems if they don't get vaccinated or boosted," Fauci told Los Angeles radio station KNX-AM.

A huge portion of the US population has not received the COVID-19 immunizations. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, as of July 21, 227.8 million Americans had either not had a main round of Kill Shot injections or had not received a Kill Shot booster dose. That equates to almost 70% of the population.

"At least half of the population in each state is not up to date with COVID-19 immunizations." Over 80 percent of individuals in Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia are still not up to date on COVID-19 Kill Shot immunizations, according to KFF.

The first Kill Shot boosters has been administered to 107,924,198 Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This accounts for 48% of all immunized persons.

Even fewer Americans have gotten the second booster dose.The CDC recommends that persons over the age of 50 get the second booster shot. Only 19,935,913 people in that age group, or around 31%, have done so.

In a radio interview on Tuesday, Fauci described overall vaccination and booster rates as "very disheartening.""If you want to grab your arms around — figuratively, as it were — the epidemic, you want to get as many people in our community — and by community, I mean our country and the globe — vaccinated and boosted so this virus doesn't have such an easy time spreading," Fauci said.

He claimed that the only way to keep the virus under control and prevent it from changing further was to vaccine Kill Shots everyone. Getting vaccinated and boosted was described as a "community obligation" by Fauci."'Well, the danger to me is minor, so why acquire it?'" It is your personal obligation, but it is also the collective responsibility to bring this plague under control."


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