By Edward  O'Hara

In this message I am going to give one more example of the many questions I asked of the scriptures that led me to the truth about why we need Jesus and what the atonement was really for.

It’s so important that we know it’s ok to ask questions. Whether it be of the overseer or bishop. Of Jesus. Or of anyone regarding the things of God. These questions will help us make informed decisions about the truths we are learning.

After which we will look at the main progenitor of the false doctrine of original sin that all churches teach. And why even according to his own disciple’s interpretation of the scriptures he could not even have been a believer.

As I continued seeking the Lord about the things that just didn’t add up Biblically between what I was hearing from these teachers of original sin and sin nature and what I was reading in the scriptures. It happened that after hearing more than once that the breath of life spoken of in Gen.2:7 was the spirit of God placed in Adam that made him in God’s image. I decided I needed to look at this for myself.

What I found was something that was very unexpected. And has since then revolutionized my understanding of the plan of God, and even who He is as Creator. Who Jesus is. And what was the true purpose of the atonement.

Because when I heard it taught that this is the spirit being placed in man it was said that this was because God used the Hebrew word ruach here that assures us that it means spirit.

But, when I looked it up I found that it was not the Hebrew word ruach. But, the Hebrew word neshawmaw that was used to describe the word breath here. A word that could be used to describe a spirit. But, is most often used to describe air or wind.

So since it could be used to describe a spirit I had to continue searching to be sure what way it was being used here. And as I looked further I found in Gen.7:15,22 that all animals, birds, and creeping things also have the same breath of life(neshawmaw) breathed into their nostrils as Adam did.

But, what about the verses that say man has a spirit throughout the Bible? Why do they say spirit in man if the once born man has no spirit? After looking at the many verses that do this I found that it was a choice the translators decided to make.

For example, in Ecc.12:7 we read that when a man dies “Then shall the dust(which is his body/soul)return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” At first glance it appears to be saying men have a spirit that goes back to God.

But, a simple word search in the concordance shows that this word again is neshawmaw. And agreeing with Gen.2:7 and 7:15,22 means that the air God breathed into a man when he is conceived returns to God when he dies. Simply by breathing out the remaining air in his lungs. Which is why the last thing every man does is breathe out any remaining air in his lugs.

But, I also found instances when in the Old Testament the word ruach is used to describe the same thing. Wouldn’t this mean that man does indeed have a spirit placed in him by God at conception? Again the answer is no.

Not just because of what we know from Gen.7:15,22 about animals, birds, and creeping things. But, also because in the New Testament we find conclusive proof that until a man is born again he is only flesh from no other than Jesus Himself.

In John3 where He is having a conversation with Nicodemus we hear Jesus saying that the reason a man must be born again is because that what is born of the flesh, the first birth from our mother’s womb, is only flesh. And only what is born of the Spirit, the “must be born again” Jesus speaks of, is spirit.

This means that it is the context in which we find the word spirit in the Old Testament that determines what neshawmaw or ruach is referring to. And not a hard and fast definition that must be applied to these words.

Because we know that when spirit is used in reference to God it means spirit. Because Jesus’ words again have the final say in this matter. In John4:24 Jesus told them that “God is a spirit. And those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

While we see Paul in 1Cor.15:45-48 telling us that all men are natural and not spiritual just as Adam was when God made him a living soul. And in 1Cor.2:14 adding that the natural man that all men are until they receive a spirit when they are born of the Spirit can not understand or perceive the things of the Spirit of God. Because they are spiritually understood.

All of this revolutionizes our understanding about the atonement. Because it changes our perception from natural to spiritual. From the natural man’s preoccupation with works. To the spiritual man’s understanding of the grace of God.

A grace that came from the heart of God that brought Him to become a man in every sense of the word. So that He could join with us in our mortality. That through death He could conquer it by the resurrection.

With not even the slightest thought being given to works as either the means by which men found themselves in our predicament. Nor to the notion that Jesus’ coming had anything to do with His good works being man’s way to be delivered from it.

But, only that His spirituality was the key to our deliverance. Because Jesus was and is God He was a spiritual man. A spirit that was housed temporarily in a body of flesh that was the same flesh that all men have. And it was by this spirit that He was able to trust the Father in every way so that He never did not trust the Father.

This is what it means when Paul said in Heb.4:15 that “we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.”

Though Jesus walked in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless. This was not what made Him to be “without sin”. Rather, it was because He always trusted the Father that He was without sin. able to do this by His spirit that was in Him. Just as all men who are born again in the New Covenant.

So it is that the fact that men are natural and not spiritual when they are conceived that all men need Jesus. It is through the atonement that Jesus was able to do away with the law for Israel. Saying it, the law, is finished while on the cross.

So that Israel along with the rest of the nations would now be subject to trusting in Jesus for eternal life. With no more law keeping them “shut up unto the faith which afterward was revealed”. Neither His works nor anyone else’s works playing any part in it.

So you see how realizing that the difference between spiritual and natural is what either keeps us from God or joins us to Him? Because men who are natural are just like Adam was when he was made. But, men who are spiritual are so because they have trusted in Jesus for eternal life.

They have confessed with their mouth the Lord Jesus. And believed in their hearts that God has raised Him from the dead. And by this a spirit was birthed in them that makes them a child of God and heir to His kingdom. Never to be separated from Him even in death.

This is why we ask questions when we are taught things that don’t seem to agree with what we are reading in the scriptures. Because the answers may be as revolutionary as knowing man’s problem is that he is natural and not spiritual that keeps him from having eternal life.

We are seeing today people who are trying to have eternal life without God. They speak of transhumanism as if it is the answer. Men like Noah Harari and others who have rejected Jesus and His deliverance from death to eternal life.

These would have us believe that eternal life is possible without God. But, God showed man it was not possible when He sent Adam from the garden. As a natural man who now had the knowledge of good and evil God could not allow him to eat from the tree of life. Because he was not yet a child of God who was able to inherit God’s kingdom.

Only children of God can inherit His kingdom. And only those who have been made spiritual by being born again by trusting in Jesus are children of God. So anyone who has not been born again is still only natural. Only flesh. And only able to live in this natural world that God placed Adam in when He made him.

This is why I wanted to show you that asking questions leads us to greater understanding of God’s word. Again, not out of rebellion or anger at God. But, in humility, which is teachability, because having a love for the truth we seek it to find it.

God’s plan is for men to inherit His heavenly kingdom. Not one we create for ourselves here on earth for eternity. As a natural man like Adam was when he was made who can not perceive the things of the Spirit of God. Never having a relationship with God that only a spiritual man can have.

This is why Jesus said “Ye must be born again”. Not because you are a bad man or woman that needs to be made good. Not because of some naughty/nice paradigm that so many preach. But, because you are a natural man who needs to be made a spiritual man.

This is why everyone who has ever been born, no matter how sinlessly they have lived their lives, needs to know Jesus. Because naughty or nice has nothing to do with it. But, only our need to be made spiritual children of the Creator.

To do this all we need to do is confess the Lord Jesus. And believe that He has raised from the dead. It’s that simple. Because Paul tells us in Rom.10:9,10 that with the heart man believes and is righteous. And with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

After which desiring the sincere milk of the word you will grow into the mature believer God wants all of His children to be. Becoming skillful in the handling of the word of God. So that with your ministry of reconciliation you can lead others to a saving faith in Jesus. The main purpose for which every believer is on earth still.

If you will do this you will have eternal life now. If you will do this then immortality will be yours in the resurrection. If you will do this then as a spiritual child of God you will inherit His kingdom. If you will do this… then I will see you there or in the air!

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