Watchman: The Chinese Government Owns These Folks. Next up Is America!

By SRH, Chinese government owns these people, said the watchman. United States comes next! The main COVID-19 strain now spreading globally, KP.2, has been changing in China, according to a recent study by the health authorities of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). (This is All BS) Chinese citizens, meantime, told The Epoch Times in Chinese that local COVID-19 outbreaks were worse than the government was admitting, and that officials were still hiding the true extent of the disease. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention under the Chinese government announced on May 14 that the KP.2 strain had been found in local cases in Guangdong Province. In all, the state had recorded 25 KP.2 sequences in China as of May 12. The top three mutant strains in China at the moment, according to the CCP health officials, are JN.1, JN.1.16,……...

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Dinesh Kaushiva November 2, 2023 Dr. Peter Hotez has been very actively involved in the development of the COVID-19 PLAN-demic Injections aka Vaccines. Allegedly, a VERY brilliant Scientist because he just recently received a very prestige’s AMA reward for his work in creating mRNA VACCINES (which actually are GENE-THERAPY BIO-WEAPONS’ INJECTIONS  ) appears to have just woken up about The Very Crisis caused by The Spike Protein Experiment Untested COVID-19 Gene-Therapy Bio-Weapon mRNA Injections aka Vaccines are causing in America and around the World. He has said he suddenly noticed he is missing his previously healthy and busy friends !!!!!! Peter Hotez Notices Too Many Sudden Deaths Among His Friends, Champions of Global Health Hotez unwittingly joins the trend of “died suddenly” reports By Influeners Jesus said “Put your sword back in its place,for all who draw the sword…

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The Polish Government was exposed and accused for committing GENOCIDE  AND DEPOPULATION on their own CITIZENS, Is the American Government any different?

December 17, 2023 “On 1 October 2022, Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak served notice on ten Polish government officials including the Prosecutor General, Poland’s President and the President of the Council of Ministers. She has also published it as an open letter to all Polish citizens.  By doing so, she has notified government officials of an attempted crime to legalize crimes of genocide against Polish citizens.  The attempt is being made through a draft law should it be passed by parliament. “…… ——————————-   ISN’T THAT VERY SIMILAR TO WHAT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY’S POLICIES AND LEGISLATION CALLED ‘CARES ACT ‘ (1) and (2) , AND DEMOCRAT PARTY CONTROLLED MEDICAL AGENCIES ACTIONS REGARDING THEIR COVID-19 VACCINE MANDATES AND THEIR VERY STRICT DICTATED USE OF ONLY ONE DRUG CALLED REMDESIVIR AND VENTILATORS TREATMENT FOR THE COVID-19 PATIENTS IN AMERICA. SIMULTANEOUSLY, THEIR DICTATE DIRECTIVE TO…

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The Plandemic Propaganda Machine Has Began to Unravel With Illinois COVID-19

Cases Soaring, Officially Reported Information Is Increasingly Useless… Why hasn’t the public been provided with a credible projection or model? This is a lesson in how deficient the data and analyses are that health officials have provided to the public on COVID-19. We tried to answer the most basic questions about where the pandemic is heading in Illinois in light of the torrent of new COVID cases: With case numbers exploding, won’t Illinois very quickly be overwhelmed with infections and herd immunity? How many deaths will result? Can hospitals handle the surge? We looked for a model or projection that might answer at least some of those questions but found none, so we used official numbers from the State of Illinois and the Center for Disease Control to try to answer for ourselves. Here is what published, official numbers imply: Seventy percent…

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The Planners of COVID 19 Have Promised us a Dark Winter We Are Now Witnessing

the Domino Start to Fall Next Stop Unless God intervenes, Welcoming the New World Order January 1, 2021, That Will Give Us One Full Year Into Tribulations. Can You Imagine What Year Seven Will Look Like, Hell on Earth, Mass Destruction, and Worshiping the Antichrist… French COVID-19 Outbreak Accelerates At Record Pace; Yangon Locked Down As Cases Surge Summary: Myanmar locks down Yangon France 7-day average tops 10k for first time Irish cases surge Gottlieb expects another outbreak in US Ireland locks down Dublin Madrid braces for lockdown UK Health Secretary warns action coming US outbreak slows to 41k new cases California, New York cases accelerate Germany sees cases decline Belgium cases top 100k Russia tops 6k again * * * Update (1424ET): India’s outbreak continued unabated Sunday as the country reported 92,605 new cases, After China locked down a border…

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