Watchman: The Chinese Government Owns These Folks. Next up Is America!


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Chinese government owns these people, said the watchman. United States comes next!

The main COVID-19 strain now spreading globally, KP.2, has been changing in China, according to a recent study by the health authorities of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). (This is All BS)

Chinese citizens, meantime, told The Epoch Times in Chinese that local COVID-19 outbreaks were worse than the government was admitting, and that officials were still hiding the true extent of the disease.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention under the Chinese government announced on May 14 that the KP.2 strain had been found in local cases in Guangdong Province. In all, the state had recorded 25 KP.2 sequences in China as of May 12.

The top three mutant strains in China at the moment, according to the CCP health officials, are JN.1, JN.1.16, and JN.1.4, and the percentage of KP.2 is incredibly low.

I wonder which lab this leaked from?Whatever….this time, DO NOT BOHICA!

Extra BS Hysteria! A SCAMDEMIC Pig Pharma lied about a Fake worldwide genocidal outbreak, while FAUCI lied about millions of deaths.

A political ploy: The CDC, WHO, and the current administration would be wise to reconsider their attempts to impose lockdowns and masks if they were to try them again. WAR WILL BREAKOUT. WE SHALL NOT Support!

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