Watchman: “There Was No Pandemic Here. A Genocide Occurred. The Leading Organization Was WHO. The Beginnings of WHO Since Its Establishment in 1947 by Eugenicists Determined to Commit Crimes Against Humanity



Dr. David Martin

In the below video the incisive doctor deconstructs the entire PSYOP-19 scam, the historical origins of this longstanding globalist genocide, and offers actionable solutions.

He outlined the WHO origins since its founding in 1947 by eugenicists hellbent on committing crimes against humanity, and that the Welcome Trust and the Gates “nonprofits” are today their partners-in-crime, murdering children in their “vaccine” trials over many decades en route to murdering large swaths of the global population.

A NAZI prisoner was nominated in 1947 by the Rockefeller Foundation to become the first Director General of the WHO. This was the setup, and 3 years later the WHO released the TB “vaccine,” which was the opening salvo of an ongoing campaign to poison the world. 2 years after that in 1952 the second Director General publicly advocated for “population control” as a WHO priority.

It is important to note that the same Rockefeller Foundation that created the WHO also happened to have created their most prominent and deranged puppet in Bill Gates. The role of Bill Gates was always and continues to be as a frontman while behind-the-scenes “his” various “foundations” busily launder fiat conjured out of thin air across “his” various “nonprofits” as “donations” and “investments” into the various eugenics organizations; thus, it is of little wonder that in 2023 Bill Gates provided 88% of the WHO’s donations. This constitutes directed donations which are legally prohibited.

Problem: deploy gain of function viruses with low IFR. Reaction: mass induced fear. Solution: those that deployed the viruses in the first place prevent early treatment, institute democidal hospital protocols, “mandate” lockdowns, and release their pièce de résistance “free” slow kill bioweapon “vaccines” which also happen to be extraordinarily profitable for the murderers and their shareholders.

There is far more to this nefarious One World Government spider’s web of global bio-terrorism:

For those that prefer to bypass the X Everything App social credit score platform, you may watch this video on BITCHUTE.

The WHO must be completely destroyed, but Dr. Martin does not mention the fact that this “health” organization is ultimately just a node of the UN; therefore, the UN must first be destroyed, along with Bill Gates and all of his coconspirators. When that happens the WHO simply shrivels up in insolvency.


Do NOT comply.

Watchman: All of Satan’s Solders Are Feeble, Weak Men Infected With the World’s Worst Sin Virus? Gates, Fauci, and Trudeau Are All Completely Devoid of Conscience. Bill Gates, Please Go to Hell. You Are a Demon. The Good News Is That You Will Not Live Indefinitely. The Bad News Is That You Are a Megalomaniac Who Is Still Causing Harm to Humanity

By StevieRay Hansen | September 10, 2023 |

HNewsWire: Gates uses his privileged position at the New York Times to push for the establishment of a Global Health Emergency Corps, which would be housed at the World Health Organization and run by the same individuals who were responsible for the current plandemic response. In other words, it would be the center of the world government pushing for more global lockdowns-lockdowns while the world awaits a new batch of vaccines. If you can believe it, he made the previous mess with no lessons learned. He is, in fact, utterly shameless about it. According to him, the only issue is that we didn’t secure the area quickly enough, distribute kill Shot vaccines quickly enough, and carry out sufficient research beforehand to create the ideal Kill Shots. And yes, gain-of-function research is unavoidably required for this. In other words, according to…

Watchman: Jesus Did Not Follow the Law. During the Time He Lived, the Law Said That Only “Priests” Could Heal or Say That Someone Was Healed. So, Even Though There Are “Health Laws” in Place, the Time Pharisees (Also Known as the FDA, CDC, Who, WEF, Bill Gates, Soros, Health Renegades, GOP, and DNC) Still Make It Hard (Illegal) for People to Get Godly Health Products

By StevieRay Hansen | September 10, 2023 |

SRH: When Jesus Launched His Public Ministry and Showed Up on the Scene, He Began Curing Everyone. He Advised Others to Also Breach the Law. Jesus Ignored These Restrictions Because He Was Aware That They Were Keeping People From Receiving Healing. No Franklin Graham Evil Get Your mRNA Kill Shot BS HNewsWire: The entire New Testament scriptures teach us a combat lifestyle as we fight against the Satanic new world order. Allegiance to Jesus Christ must take precedence over allegiance to family members. This is not a popular teaching in today’s corporate Christian church, yet the teachings of Jesus recorded in the Bible are extremely clear on this subject, as this passage in Matthew chapter 10 clearly demonstrates. Luke’s gospel contains considerably harsher wording from Jesus: Anyone who comes to me and does not despise his father and mother, wife…


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