Jeffrey Epstein’s Downfall and the Crumbling of America’s Elites

By StevieRay Hansen | July 4, 2020

Despite what some critics think, the so-called “problem of evil” is not something the Bible leaves unaddressed. Scripture…

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People Are so Delusional with the Sin Virus They Will Poison Their Own Children to Satisfy Their Sick Desires

By StevieRay Hansen | July 1, 2020

It’s Unthinkable What Parents Are Doing to Their Own Children, It’s Ungodly… A few short days after former…

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Signs of the Last Days: Increase of Wickedness There is a growing pattern of wickedness and lawlessness

By StevieRay Hansen | June 8, 2020

dominating our society today that throughout history was found in civilizations in the process of decline. It is…

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Those Politicians, Judges Who Had Acquired Splendid Houses, Expensive Furniture By Crushing The Poor, Take Cover

By StevieRay Hansen | May 31, 2020

Who had acquired richly laden tables by cheating, perverting justice and crushing the poor, you will lose everything…

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The Tyranny Of The Police-State Disguised As Law-And-Order

By StevieRay Hansen | May 31, 2020

The Bible “frames” the problem of evil by keeping it in the proper context. “Evil” is meaningless without…

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Lawlessness America, Is About to Light up Nationally, The Hypocrisy Has Hit Home

By StevieRay Hansen | May 30, 2020

This is biblical prophecy playing out as it should, for those of you who think you will control…

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It’s the Perfect Storm, America’s House of Moral Cards Have Fallen

By StevieRay Hansen | May 24, 2020

“America has become China on Steroids” Set Down and SHUT-UP, Our Social Media Platforms (Reprobates) Continue to Hide…

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Alan Dershowitz Defends Op-Ed Suggesting That Age of Consent for Sex Should Be Lowered, This Guy Is a”Pharisee”

By StevieRay Hansen | May 21, 2020

Birds of a Feather Flock Together, People Who Have Similar Evil Characters or Interests, Especially Ones of Which…

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Who Are The Globalists And What Do They Want?

By StevieRay Hansen | April 27, 2020

Calls for a new global monetary regime are nothing new. After World War II left the world’s financial…

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Michigan Law Professor: “the United States Destroys More Families Than Any Other Country in the World”

By StevieRay Hansen | April 8, 2020

James 1:27 King James Version (KJV) 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit…

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