Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. What does this mean to you? When I hear these words it means that as we hear the message of the gospel and we are made aware of a choice we need to make. And when we make the free will choice to believe the gospel we are given the gift of faith. And now having this gift it gives us the ability to grow into the man or woman of God God wants us to be. If we will continue hearing God's word.

This growth happens when we go from saying yes to the gospel message when we first heard it. To continuing to hear God's word. Because by this God builds into us a frame of reference by which we can understand more and more of His word.

For example, when we hear that Adam was made a natural being when God made him. And that this means he was not a spiritual being. And when we hear Jesus' words to Nicodemus saying he must be born again. We will then be able to understand exactly why Jesus told him this.

That it was because every man since Adam was made is only flesh and blood. So Jesus came teaching that all men must be born again. Born of the Spirit to be made a child of God and heir to His kingdom. And that unless a man is born again he will not see the kingdom of God.

Hearing and understanding this is what Paul meant when he said that hearing comes by the word of God. The ability to hear God comes from hearing, that is understanding, His word. Because by understanding His word we will understand why we need Jesus. What the atonement is really for.

That it is because we are only flesh and blood when we are born. Because we are just as Adam was when he was made. We are all living souls. A living breathing creatures. A being without a spirit. This is why we can not inherit the kingdom of God.

Now all these statements come from the word of God. And it takes some time to hear all of them so that we can understand what being born again really means. And what actually happens when we are born again. And Genesis is a great place to start because here we learn about Adam and creation and why we need Jesus.

This is the hearing comes by the word of God part that Paul spoke of in Rom.10:17. It is how God builds into us our spiritual house. A house Paul says is made without hands. The "mansion" Jesus spoke of in John 14 that He has gone to prepare for us. The new body we will all receive in the resurrection.

But, if we believe things the Bible does not teach the house is not going to be built the way Jesus wants it. It’s materials will be those of false teachings that will collapse in the storm of judgment.

This is why when Jesus was tempted by satan He was able to withstand it. Because He knew the word of God and used it to repel Satan's temptations. Even when satan subtly misused the scriptures to tempt Jesus it didn't work. Because Jesus had the frame of reference of the whole counsel of the word of God in Him to deal with false teaching.

For example, when we are told that the reason men need to be born again is because when Adam sinned he died spiritually. And that this is how he and his progeny was separated from God. And the only way for our spirit to be reunited with God is for someone to pay the penalty for our sins in our place. So that by trusting in Him we are given His righteousness that He attained through His perfect works and payment for our sins by dying on the cross.

So this will lead us down a road of works righteousness. Works that become necessary to be done either by ourselves or by someone else. And it leaves us lacking any true understanding of why Jesus said we must be born again to see the kingdom of God.

That it is because what is born of the flesh is only flesh. And that only spirit can see the kingdom of God. And as Paul put it, flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God. Which is why he showed us the mystery of mortal flesh and blood being changed to immortal spirit.

Paul said no flesh shall be justified by works. And that justification only comes by the faith of Christ. Not by His or anyone else's works. This means that Jesus was reunited with the Father after saying "Father why hast thou forsaken me" by the same faith that unites us to Him. By believing in Jesus as He showed us He believed the Father when He said, Nevertheless not my will but thy will be done".

So the faith that comes by hearing. And the hearing that comes by the word of God. Is the understanding each of us can have if we will believe what the Bible plainly says. Our ability to hear grows the more we hear God's word.

It is by this faith that we will recognize false teaching when we hear it. Because this faith has built into us a framework of God's truth which when used as a reference when we are tempted or lied to we are able to discern between good and evil. This is how Paul says we grow to maturity. By reason of use as Heb.5:14 says.

So believer, never stop hearing the word of God. For it is by this that we grow our spirit's to become the mature men that God wants us to be. And will have a most glorious mansion to live in for all eternity.

And unbeliever, now that you have heard the words of God, will you turn from idols to serve the living and true God? Will you choose with your God given free will to trust in Jesus? Will you trust in Jesus and His resurrection? Will you be born of His Spirit to be made a spiritual child of God? Will you be born again so that you will see the kingdom of God?

If you will then thank Jesus for loving you so much that He joined with you in your mortality. So that by His death and resurrection you can now join with Him in His immortality. And have eternal life.

If you will then you will have eternal life. If you will then you will bury your mortal body, the old man, with Christ. And be raised immortal. If you will then you will be a child of God and heir to His kingdom. If you will... then I will see you there or in the air!

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