Gen. Mark Milley New Domestic War on Terrorism, Put It Another Way, This Soldier Believes in the New World Order and Disregards His Duties as an American, God’s Plan for Humanity Has Been Forgotten,(Trashed) He’s One of Satan Soldier

HNewsWire:  Miley Tells Congress: The Pentagon Needs More Money for Ukraine Before June, According to several sources, US Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, informed lawmakers last week that extra money will be needed by June to support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia.

Congress allocated $45 billion to Ukraine in its most current appropriation in December, with the goal of bolstering the country through September or October. The funds were included in a $1.66 trillion federal budget deal. Yet, the munitions and funds from that allotment are being depleted at a faster rate than anticipated.

Milley, who met with Congressional leaders on Thursday, said another appropriation will be needed by June to keep Ukraine operating and defending against Russian aggression, according to sources. According to the Washington Examiner, Congress approved nearly $112 billion in military and economic support for Ukraine in four consecutive appropriations measures last year.

According to the Kiel Institute for the Global Economy, a German research institute, this includes $23.5 billion in weapons and equipment from Defense Department stockpiles released through presidential drawdowns.

President Joe Biden surprised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a surprise visit to Kyiv last week. On his visit to Ukraine, Biden, who has repeatedly stated his commitment to assisting Ukraine, unveiled the administration's newest military aid package, valued at approximately $460 million.

A schism is forming among Republicans over future funding for Ukraine.


President Trump nominates Mark Milley, Winchester native ...

HNewsWire-We may not be a constitutional republic at all but a kakistocracy, a wounded country dominated by its most brutal, clueless minded, classless and useless members. I find it hard to believe that this isn't part of our culture and it's not what makes us who we are. Find out where and when the problem occurred so that we may reset to a time before it occurred to remedy it.

As a result, I keep going back to the necessity for revivalism instead of conservatism. It was my hope that this article would serve as a continuation of that exploration.

Sadly, I can't do that because I have to keep throwing bombs and talking about the issue of people who don't like you.

Mark Milley may be the most disgusting person in authority in the United States right now. Gavin Newsom and Bill de Blasio, Mark Zuckerberg and Lori Lightfoot are all on the list of those who have been named to the list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Liz Cheney, too, for crying out loud. Then there is Kathleen Kennedy, who, according to some, has the authority and ill judgment to give Indiana Jones a sex change and attempt to make the American people swallow it.

All of them put together are better than Milley, who now serves as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And to make matters worse, he is being praised for his crimes by the ignorant morons that occupy the traditional media newsrooms today.

Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of the Washington Post are hawking a new book this week, and you're probably already familiar with the contents. Among the things Milley is claimed to have congratulated himself on are a few acts of misconduct and even treason. Pitchforks and torches, tar and feathers are the only options when all of the charges are piled on top of one another.

Trump's walk around Lafayette Park with Milley caused Milley's willie to become out of whack, as the president visited a chapel that the BLM rioters had attempted to burn down. It's said in his book that "we are not going to turn our weapons on the American people, and we are not going to engage in a "Wag the Dog" scenario" abroad."

In addition to that, there was a phone call to make. It is claimed in the book that Milley informed his Chinese counterpart Li Zuocheng that he would be functioning as an intelligence asset for the latter in October of 2013.

In his message to PLO leader Li Keqiang, Milley reassured him of the stability of the American administration and that everything would be well. "We will not engage in any kinetic activities against you," they said.

According to Woodward and Costa, the situation deteriorated.

For the last five years, General Li and I have been friends. The first thing I'll tell you if we're going to attack is that I'll be in touch with you. "It won't be a surprise," says the expert.

The position of secretary of state did not belong to Mark Milley. At the time, Mike Pompeo held the position. Pompeo was in touch with the Chinese on a regular basis. That's why you can't use Milley's actions as an argument for diplomacy; that's not his area of expertise.

Mark Milley is also not in a position to decide on the future military posture of the United States. Donald Trump was the president and Gen. Martin Dempsey Milley's commander-in-chief at the time of the change.

Perhaps Woodward and Costa are exaggerating this, and Milley was just transmitting information the president had given him to provide to the Chinese.

It's possible the moon is composed of camembert, or at least cheese.

According to Woodward and Costa, Milley did not tell Trump about the discussion he had with the Chinese army officer.

Because of Milley's actions on January 8th, as well.

General Li was summoned back to tell the Chinese that American deterrence was no longer an option, according to the book "We've got everything under control. Basically, everything is good to go. "However, democracy may be a little messy at times," he observed.

Milley had the Pentagon's Indo-Pacific Command cancel military drills the ChiComs didn't like solely to illustrate his point!

He was far from done. His senior staff was told by Milley that if Trump ordered military action, they would have to get permission from Milley first.

Afterward, he phoned Pelosi, who began to scream Trump was insane and that the January 6 demonstration proved it. He responded, "I agree with everything you say."

If Milley had believed what he stated, he might have resigned from his position. A resignation letter from him might have made it clear that he did not trust Trump and could not, therefore, obey him. It is possible that Pelosi may have followed the Constitution and proceeded to remove a president who is unfit for office under the 25th Amendment.

But he didn't really do it. Milley, on the other hand, sparked a military takeover against the US president.

In the midst of all of this, he was covertly conducting foreign policy and assuring our most dangerous worldwide opponent that the United States would not move against him.

How may the Chinese have taken advantage of Milley's discussions with Li to attack Taiwan? Those aren't fantastical scenarios at all; they've been planning for it since October of last year and are now openly hostile to Taiwan. It's just a matter of time until the South China Sea is filled with helium balloons. For Milley to have defused this nation via a backchannel is an abhorrent disregard for the line of command.

To begin with, at the very least.

Milley and the rest of Vice President Joe Biden's national security and foreign policy staff should all be impeached because of the disastrous Afghanistan exit, I wrote last week. In this case, it doesn't make sense to rehash Milley's position as a spokesperson for the departure of Bagram Air Base at night and thus opening the door to the expected chance that his Chinese friends would wind up with the facility. This decision had a significant role in the tragic deaths of the 13 American military members who were killed by an ISIS suicide bomber during the chaotic evacuation from Kabul.

Milley now says that the best we could do was to abandon Bagram and withdraw from Afghanistan in this manner. In contrast, Trump had hoped to remove all of our soldiers from Afghanistan before he left office, and if he had done so, the Taliban's combat season would have begun months earlier than it did this year. He instead participated in an even more reckless and careless retreat on behalf of an even more unstable president than Donald Trump had ever been.

Joe Biden's commands were always followed, and he never sought to defy them.

Men like Mark Milley's betrayal of our constitutional system is unstoppable. He must be removed from his position of authority. For Mark Milley, if he had been charged with sedition and treason in a country that was serious about its own laws, he would have faced a court martial with the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars and dying in prison at the hands of military justice.

There will be no such processes, and we all know that. Only hope is that the present Democrat majority is forced to try to stifle impeachment articles against Milley, which would likely lead the American people's fury in the next election. This is the most we can hope for. It's quite likely that Milley would retire and seek a lucrative position with a lobbying company or military contractor before he was ever removed from office.

But at the very least, he may face some formal rebuke. Even if it's at the end of a letter rather of a rope, it's still important.

Trump shakes hand of Army 4-Star General Mark A. Milley. Sorry Mr. President, General Milley is a bum. Milley surrendered his own personal honor, to not only protect a sexual predator, but several ethically challenged officers who conspired to effect a cover-up of the predators misconduct so he could graduate from West Point.

HNewsWire-Take a look at the new domestic war on terror that our government and men like Satan Soldier Gen. Mark Milley are fighting. These military types are very bad for God's plan for humanity, and they will hurt us in the end.

Several times, Gen. Mark Milley overstepped his authority and scuttled possible orders from the former commander-in-chief.

The accusations come from a new book written by Washington Post staffers. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met with other security officials to talk about his secret calls to the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Former assistant secretary of the Army for manpower and reserve affairs E. Casey Wardynski said that Milley, who, in the book "Peril," by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, called his Chinese counterpart twice to tell him that the United States would not attack Beijing, often broke the rules of his job.

Wardynski said Milley and the chief of staff of the US Army, Gen. James McConville, had a "pattern of behavior" to try to stop President Trump.

This kind of behavior and this willingness for military leaders to overstep their authority and ignore the authority of civilian officials appointed over them was not something that happened on January 8, Wardynski told Fox News. It was not something that happened on that day.
They talked about their book, "Peril," on ABC News.
People who wrote the book "Peril" talked about it on ABC News.

That's what people have done for a while.

There is a book called "Peril" that says Milley called Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People's Liberation Army two times, once in October and again on January 8, which was two days after the Capitol Riot.

He said that there were "stunning" examples of top military officers acting outside of their authority during the riots in Washington last summer.

The first thing you need to know about Gen. Milley is whether or not he is a staff officer. In this case, he's an adviser, not a commander. He ordered parts of the 82nd Airborne and the 10th Mountain Division to fly overnight to Washington, D.C., without consulting the Army chain of command and without going around the Army chain of command to do so. Wardynski, who is running for a congressional seat in Alabama, said, "I know that for a fact."

In E. Casey Wardynski's opinion, Gen. Mark Milley had a "pattern" of acting like he didn't like the way former President Trump was running the country.

E. Casey Wardynski says that Gen. Mark Milley had a "pattern of behavior" of putting President Trump down.
AP/Carolyn Kaster: This is how the story goes:

As for Milley, Wardynski said he was acting like a "bully" in meetings to set the agenda. He also said that he and other military leaders had no "intention" of supporting Trump.

In Wardynski's words: "My impression is that for a long time, these people didn't want to help the president." "Milley was a bully at work meetings all the time." With the secretary at the head of the table, he would say, "We're going to do the following." Milley would look at the staff and say, "Let me tell you what the secretary just said," and it was "sort of something else."

For calling Li, Trump and other Republicans have said that Milley is guilty of treason. Milley said that these kinds of calls are "routine" for him as the chairman.

Woodward and Costa say that they don't believe Milley skipped Trump to talk to Li because the conversations didn't happen in a vacuum.

It was then after the phone call that the man gave a full briefing to four people. Gina Haspel is the head of the CIA. Said, "Watch everything, 360." Asked the head of the National Security Agency, Paul Nakasone, about how to listen all over the world, Woodward told ABC's "Good Morning America." "Needles up," which means "listen everywhere," is what Woodward said. ​

Milley also talked to the heads of the armed forces and told them to "watch everything," he said.

main, BLM protests, inset, and Mark Milley
General Milley told President Trump that the protests by George Floyd were not a big deal and that they didn't matter.

Finally, the admiral in charge of that area called and asked him to stop doing things that might be seen as provocative by China. He said that there's nothing hidden about this. When Milley talked to Li, he told him that the US would not attack, that he would call him if Trump ordered military action against Beijing, that the US was stable, and that he would call him if Trump did.

Afterwards, Woodward and Costa said that there was a lot of tension.

Reporting by Costa and his team showed that Milley didn't think Trump wanted the U.S. to go to war with China.

But based on intelligence and other briefings, he came to the conclusion that the Chinese were very worried about what happened on January 6. We show in the book that Chairman Milley was trying to contain a national security emergency, which is what he was trying to do. Milley did not go "rogue," even though he didn't tell the commander-in-chief about the call.

After the death of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis in the summer of 2020, riots spread across the country, including in Washington, D.C. Wardynski says that McConville told him that he "would not be obeying any illegal orders from President Trump."

"That's not something I thought I'd hear in 30 years of service in that uniform," Wardynski said. That's what I thought he meant when he said "any use of the Insurrection Act by the president." President Trump used to be a general and a president.

Bob Woodward and Robert Costa say they don't believe that Gen. Mark Milley skipped President Trump to talk to Gen. Li Zuocheng, as some people say.

Trump said he would use the 1807 law that allows the commander-in-chief to send military forces to the states if the governors couldn't stop the violence, but he never did.

Mike Pence tried to walk a tightrope when he did his job and keep Donald Trump on his side on January 6. Woodward and Costa also talk about how Pence tried to do that.

"He's trying to ride both horses," Woodward said. That means he wants to do his constitutional duty but also keep the doors to Trump open.

As the 2020 presidential election is being certified, Woodward said that a protest at the Capitol during that time "is a national security crisis for the United States."
There is a general named Mark Milley.

Mark Milley called Gen. Li Zuocheng two times in the last two months, the show says.

He said that the vice president's actions that day were all about the "question of the legitimacy of the American presidency," and he said that they were all about that.

A report by Costa said that on the day before the certification vote, Pence looked like he was in "agony."

As of Jan. 5, he's with President Trump, and he has this desire for power. Isn't it cool that Vice President Pence says, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could take an election back?'

Woodward and Costa also said that they wrote about how President Biden's comment that Vladimir Putin is a "killer" bothered the Russian leader, and that they wrote about that in their book.

She said the two were able to learn about the fallout.

Putin: "I'm not happy that you called me a killer. I'm not happy that you called me a killer. I'm not happy that you called me a killer." On the other hand, Biden was very defensive and said: 'In your interview, well, it was about something else. And my answer was not planned. I mean, of course, you can ask any question you want in this open interview because it's free. Our relationship with Biden and Putin, which is important to us, was worked out.

Gen. Mark Milley Says He Was Wrong to Accompany Trump on Church Walk, Top Brass Arm Links Themself From Trump

By StevieRay Hansen | June 11, 2020 |

The Message Coming From a Top Military General Carry a Very Disturbing Message, Number One, Anytime Top Brass Arm Links Themself From a President You Can Bet There Are Some Problems at the Pentagon with the Trump Administration, a Coup May Be Forming, Don’t Be Shocked If It Happens-Gen. Mark Milley Says He Was Wrong to Accompany Trump on the Church Walk, The Swamp MR. Trump Should Be Draining, a Big Portion (99.9%) of His Inner Circle… This is a military coup waiting to happen. Why do we have more than a million cops on the taxpayer-funded payroll in this country whose jobs do not entail protecting our safety, maintaining the peace in our communities, and upholding our liberties? I’ll tell you why. These warrior cops—fitted out in the trappings of war, drilled in the deadly art of combat, and trained to look upon “every individual…


U.S. Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, 20th Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. Other than that, he’s a bum who doesn’t give a damn about holding sexual predators accountable.

Will Putin Fulfill Biblical Prophecy and Attack Israel?

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