It Has Recently Come to Light That the Wealthy and the Immoral Do as I Say, Not as I Do, Is the Philosophy of Jeffrey Epstein Associates, Also Known as the Elite,They are Sick B***ard


Recent articles in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, along with newly filed records in a U.S. court, imply that a U.S. More eminent individuals who knew Jeffrey Epstein are now known thanks to the Virgin Islands legal suit. The links of the notorious sex trafficker and lifelong member of high society, who died in a jailhouse in 2019 while facing charges, were not exposed in Epstein's iconic black book or the public flight logs of passengers who flew on his private plane.

The depth of Epstein's relationships to other well-known people with whom he had previously been associated were also clarified by these new discoveries. They also helped to emphasize how frequently Epstein met with his exclusive group of friends. Bill Gates, Leon Black, Thomas Pritzker, and Mortimer Zuckerman were among the four extremely wealthy persons he was slated to meet with, according to the Journal's investigation of his hectic itinerary on September 8, 2014.

Thousands of emails and Epstein's personal schedules were sent to The Journal between 2013 and 2017—the year the names were initially revealed—and none of this data had ever been made public. All of the records cover a time period beginning after Epstein's 2008 guilty plea to soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution in Florida and ending at least in part after his 2015 public accusation of sex trafficking by victim Virginia Giuffre (The New York Times claims to have obtained Epstein's schedule via a public records request to the Attorney General of the U.S. Virgin Islands).

The calendars give details on a number of meetings Epstein planned and with whom, but The Journal claims that it was unable to establish whether or not all of the activities listed on Epstein's agenda actually occurred. In numerous locales, including his Upper East Side apartment, where many of the encounters occurred, Epstein is charged with sexually assaulting women and girls.

All of Epstein's alleged ties to the city's elite were described in documents that were made public in New York City in 2019. This section looks at the other names included in the Journal's reporting, the reasons why these people were connected to Epstein, and a few other recent turns in the unusual story.

Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google

Epstein is said to have given Brin financial guidance between 2004 and 2007, including assisting him in setting up a grantor-retained annuity trust (GRAT) with JPMorgan Chase as a tax haven for his children. In 2004, Epstein introduced Brin to the bank, and he soon became a client, accumulating more than $4 billion in deposits. According to the Wall Street Journal, Epstein helped billionaire and co-founder of Apollo Global Management Leon Black create a similar tax haven. Epstein's connections to Brin were made public by the US authorities in a court document from August 2023. A civil lawsuit against JPMorgan was filed by the Virgin Islands due to Epstein's business dealings with the bank.

Cecile de Jongh, a former first lady of the United States. North Mariana Islands

JPMorgan Chase allegedly participated in fraudulent activities relating to the sale of mortgage-backed securities, according to documents submitted in response to a civil lawsuit brought by the United States. John de Jongh, her husband, allegedly started working for Epstein in the Virgin Islands in 2000 and continued to do so while he served as the territory's governor from 2007 to 2015, according to de Jongh. Additionally, it is asserted in the court papers that Ms. de Jongh helped several of Epstein's victims obtain visas. The Journal asserts:

In court documents, JPMorgan asserts that De Jongh helped numerous people who say they were victims of Epstein obtain visas. According to emails sent by De Jongh to both university staff and Epstein, she helped set up and enroll victims in an English as a second language (ESL) course at the university. The bank claimed that she did this by organizing special classes at the University of the Virgin Islands and connecting one woman with a local immigration lawyer.

According to court records, de Jongh wrote to Epstein in June 2013 with the following request: "They are structuring the class around the ladies. Please let me know so that they know what to do or not to do."

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak

According to the records, Epstein and the seasoned Israeli politician met on a monthly basis for extended amounts of time at Epstein's Upper East Side residence from 2013 to 2017. He rode in Epstein's jet as well. When the Journal managed to get in touch with Barak, he confirmed that they had met and that Epstein "often brought other interesting persons, from art or culture, law or science, finance, diplomacy, or philanthropy," but denied ever having seen Epstein "with girls or minors, or even adult women in improper context or behavior."

Epstein and Gates' relationship has been well-known for a while, but at the end of May, the Journal published a startling new report on their acquaintance. The story claims that Epstein attempted to exploit Gates' relationship with bridge player Mila Antonova in the early 2010s as evidence against the co-founder of Microsoft.

When he was still married to Melinda, Gates allegedly met her in 2010 at a bridge event. In the future, Antonova made an effort to raise money for a start-up that offered online tennis training. In 2013, Gates' friend and scientific adviser Boris Nikolic introduced Antonova to Epstein. Epstein paid Antonova's tuition to computer programming school, despite his refusal to invest in her company.

Epstein allegedly sent Gates an email after their romance with Antonova ended in 2017 requesting for payment for the tuition. This telegraph was sent not long after Epstein and JPMorgan Chase failed in their attempt to enlist Gates' assistance in the formation of a sizable charitable fund. Journal passage

Viewers surmise that if Gates did not stay in touch with the two men, Epstein could reveal the affair.

Epstein asserts that Gates never paid him, though.

I am disgusted with Epstein and what he did, Antonova told the Journal of Epstein, adding, "I had no idea he was a criminal or had any ulterior motive." Nikolic added, "I deeply regret that I ever met Epstein. His crimes were despicable. I never saw anything like his illegal behavior. My heart goes out to his victims and their families."

Leon Botstein, the president of Bard University

Epstein and Botstein met about twenty times throughout the four years covered by the documents, most frequently in Botstein's townhouse. "I was an unsuccessful fundraiser and actually the object of a little bit of sadism on his part in dangling philanthropic support," Botstein alleged to the Journal, claiming that the only reason he was associated with Epstein was for the money.

Botstein asserts that he first met Epstein in 2012 to express his appreciation for the philanthropist's uninvited support of the university's high schools, and that the two have subsequently met again in an effort to acquire additional financing. According to the records, Epstein provided Bard 66 laptops in 2015 and twice received invitations from Botstein to attend collegiate musical concerts. The former president of Bard, however, claimed that he ultimately came to the conclusion that Epstein was only "stringing us along" and had no intention of giving any more money.

In 2016, Epstein's bank account was used to send Botstein checks totaling $150,000, according to a follow-up piece in the Journal. The university backs up Botstein's claim that Bard received the funds from the donors. A spokeswoman for Botstein stated that the money was given in appreciation for his one-year service on the advisory board of Epstein's nonprofit organization, Gratitude America.

Even though Epstein was a convicted sex offender who admitted to employing a kid as a prostitute, Botstein and Bard still attempted to extort money from him. We looked him up, and he was a convicted offender for a sex crime," Botstein told the Journal, adding that "we believe in rehabilitation," but that "we had security ready. He did not have free access to anybody."

William Burns, the CIA's director

The documents show that in 2014, Epstein had three meetings with Burns, the deputy secretary of state for the Obama administration. The Journal claims that they communicated in both New York and Washington.

The August luncheon was slated to occur at the law firm Steptoe & Johnson's office in Washington, DC. Records show that Epstein had two late meetings at Mr. Burns' residence in September. After one of the meetings, Epstein had arranged for his driver to take Mr. Burns to the airport.

In October of that year, this long-serving diplomat left the State Department to become president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He held this position there until 2021, when President Biden selected William "Bill" Burns to lead the Central Intelligence Agency.

Burns and Epstein never had a romantic relationship, according to a statement sent to the Journal by CIA spokesperson Tammy Kupperman Thorp. She added that aside from his introduction as a financial services industry specialist and his broad counsel on moving to the private sector, the director knew nothing about him. They had no connection at all.

Noam Chomsky
The documents show that Epstein arranged numerous encounters for the two during Chomsky's tenure as an MIT professor in 2015 and 2016. Epstein had previously given the institute hundreds of thousands of dollars. Epstein hosted a gathering of academics and invited director Woody Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, to dinner at his townhouse in New York.

Chomsky said he and Epstein discussed politics and academics, and that "if there was a flight, which I doubt, it would have been from Boston to New York, 30 minutes." Epstein responded to the Journal's inquiry by saying, "First response is that it is none of your business. Or anyone's. The second is that I knew him, and we met occasionally."

Chomsky told the Journal that the only thing people knew about Jeffrey Epstein was that he had been found guilty of a crime and had done his time. He said that Epstein had set up a meeting between him and Barak to discuss "Israel's policies with regard to Palestinian issues and the international arena," and that doing so "yields a clean slate under U.S. laws and norms."

A follow-up investigation in the Journal revealed that Chomsky got about $270,000 from an account connected to Epstein in March 2018. In an email, Chomsky said that because his late wife had been ill for so long, they had "paid no attention to financial issues" during their 15 years of marriage. Epstein advised us to transfer money from one of my accounts to another through his company after we sought his advice.

Terje Rd-Larsen, a former diplomat from Norway
Rd-Larsen may not be well-known outside of the diplomatic community, but in the early 1990s, he was a vital contributor to the creation of the historic Oslo Accords. He visited Epstein's New York mansion so frequently between 2013 and 2017, according to the Journal, that the staff became accustomed to having cucumbers on available for his gin. Epstein loaned him money and provided him money for his charity.

Rd-Larsen left the foundation in 2020 after his connection to Epstein was made known to the public. He declined to make any further comments to the Journal this week.

Board member for FedEx Joshua Cooper Ramo
Over the course of those four years, Epstein arranged more than a dozen meetings with Ramo, who was at the time the co-CEO of Henry Kissinger's consulting firm, according to The Wall Street Journal. Ramo has held positions on the boards of both Starbucks and FedEx. The majority of the events took place at Epstein's mansion in Manhattan in the evenings. In 2013, Epstein invited Barak to a breakfast that was held at his townhouse.

Ramo was approached by The Journal to comment, but he declined.

Ariane de Rothschild, Chairwoman of the Edmond de Rothschild Group
In 2019, Edmond de Rothschild Group's chairperson Ariane de Rothschild and the bank lied about having no link to Epstein. According to a journal review of the accessible documents,

Mrs. de Rothschild, who is related to the wealthy banking family through marriage, had more than a dozen meetings with Epstein. The papers state that he spoke to her about company matters and requested her help with hiring and decorating. In a September 2013 email, Epstein requested Mrs. de Rothschild's help in finding a new assistant who was "female, multilingual, and organized."

By email, Mrs. de Rothschild answered, "I'll ask around."
The documents state that she spent close to $1 million on Epstein's auction items between 2014 and 2015. Mrs. de Rothschild started serving as the bank's chairman in January 2015. She and Epstein met in October of the same year, and the two of them came to an agreement on a $25 million deal for Epstein's Southern Trust Co. to provide "risk analysis and the application and use of certain algorithms" for the bank.

The bank's response to the Journal states that de Rothschild met with Epstein for professional reasons from 2013 to 2019 and that Epstein introduced the bank to influential American financial leaders, provided advice on tax and risk matters, and proposed legal representation. According to the institution, bank records reveal that Epstein "personally solicited her on a few occasions for advice and services on estate management" and that she "was similarly unaware of any questions regarding his personal conduct at the time."

Kathryn Ruemmler, general counsel at Goldman Sachs
The records show that Epstein met with Ruemmler more than 30 times starting in 2014, following her departure from the White House counsel's office to take a position as a partner at the law firm Latham & Watkins. In 2015, Epstein had arranged for her to travel with him to Paris and to his infamous island home in the United States. onward to the Virgin Islands. He looked at potential rental properties and queried his Manhattan staff about Ruemmler's reaction to having so many young women about his estate. According to emails obtained by NBC News, Epstein referred her as a client to JPMorgan Chase in 2019, months prior to his last arrest. Epstein's assistant wrote to a member of JPMC's staff, "Jeffrey just thought that Kathy is one of the most renowned women in Washington and thought you two would bond.

Ruemmler's connection to Epstein was business-based and related to her tenure at Latham & Watkins, according to a Goldman representative quoted in the Journal. Ruemmler became a partner at Goldman Sachs Group in 2020 and co-chaired the firm's reputational-risk advisory group.

The conversations were typical of those Epstein had with other clients and connections, including inviting her to events, introducing her to colleagues, and offering referrals.

The spokesman said, "Ruemmler never observed anything untoward at his townhouse; she never traveled with him; she never went to his island; and her sole remark was, "I regret ever knowing Jeffrey Epstein."

Hubbard, L. Ron
Summers kept in touch with Epstein even after Harvard stopped accepting donations from him after his conviction in 2008; there was widespread knowledge of Epstein's connections to the former Treasury secretary and current Harvard president, but the journal elaborates on their relationship in greater detail.

The investigation uncovered an email from 2014 in which Summers asked Epstein for advice on raising $1 million for his wife Elisa New's nonprofit poetry project at Harvard, claiming that doing so would improve his life. "Mostly it will go to make it a PS series and for teacher training. Ideas?Epstein and Summers decided to meet for dinner two days later close to Summers' Massachusetts home. In 2016, a nonprofit with which Epstein was affiliated gave $110,000 to New's project.

According to a statement given to the Journal, Summers "deeply regrets being in contact with Epstein after his conviction," New "regrets accepting funding from Epstein," and New's nonprofit gave "exceeding the amount received" from Epstein to an anti-sex trafficking organisation.

Peter Thiel's behalf
The New York Times reported that Epstein met with the co-founder of PayPal many times in 2014, based on Epstein's calendar.

According to the documentation, Mr. Thiel was scheduled to meet with Mr. Epstein at least three times in September 2014, either in one-on-one sessions or with others over lunch or dinner. Mr. Thiel was also mentioned alongside over a dozen other famous people Mr. Epstein should aim to meet twice more while in New York. Records do not indicate whether all scheduled meetings with Mr. Thiel act as they were intended to.
Thiel stated, "I was rather naive," regarding the 2016 event, and when questioned about potential objectives, "I didn't think enough about what Epstein's agenda might have been," according to the Wall Street Journal, Epstein also arranged meetings between Thiel and Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin.


Tom Barrack, a.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Epstein reached out to Trump again in 2016 after he had already secured the Republican nominee. Epstein met Tom Barrack, a longtime Trump associate and private equity entrepreneur, for lunch in August of that year. In September of that year, Epstein hosted a dinner at his Upper East Side apartment.


Leon Black said

The Senate Finance Committee announced on July 25 that it would investigate the business dealings of Apollo Global Management co-founder Jay Epstein. The investigation will focus on the $158 million in tax and estate planning fees paid to Epstein. Years ago, news about Jeffrey Epstein's association with the private equity firm spread, and he was forced to resign as chairman of the Museum of Modern Art. However, Leon Black's ties to Epstein continue to be a source of suspicion.

Because of his connections to Epstein, Black may also be subject to civil litigation once more; on July 26 in New York, an unidentified woman with Down syndrome and autism accused Black of raping her when she was 16; in 2002, Ghislaine Maxwell was left in charge of Epstein's care after he allegedly assaulted her in his Manhattan mansion and refused to send her to the hospital; and a legal representative for Black has called the claims "frivolous and sanctionable."

Jes Staley

Staley is another of Epstein's well-known friends and coworkers; however, the banker's connections to Epstein have come under further scrutiny in recent months. Staley was a close friend of Epstein's and expressed his gratitude for their friendship in a letter sent in 2009 while Staley was still at JPMorgan Chase. Epstein is quoted as saying, "I have few so profound." in an email obtained by the Daily Beast.

J.P. Morgan and Co.

The Virgin Islands court is being sued over allegations that it enabled Epstein's business, and the world's largest bank by market capitalization has been in trouble for years due to its association with Epstein. In the past year, however, the United States has demanded answers from JPMorgan Chase on the number of employees who were aware of the bank's business with the suspected sex trafficker.

On September 12, a U.S. government attorney delivered oral arguments in the trial between the territory and the bank over the alleged $190 million in damages. The Virgin Islands government claimed in 2019 that the bank had reported their business dealings with the government going back to 2003 as "suspicious activity." The trial is scheduled to start on October 23.

JPMorgan Chase has denied any involvement and maintained that its operation was a "mistake," and the only reason it reported the billion dollars in dubious transactions for Jeffrey Epstein after 16 years was because he was jailed and ultimately died. Human trafficking was "Epstein's and JPMorgan's entire business with Jeffrey Epstein," said attorney Mimi Liu.

Andrew, to the Royal Highness

Model Lisa Phillips claims in the A&E documentary Secrets of Prince Andrew that she and her friend were in Little St. James in the year 2000 when Epstein allegedly persuaded Phillips to have sex with the prince. Phillips claims that "it was traumatic for her, and after that she was not the same"

Epstein and Prince Andrew were referred to as "real best buddies" in the documentary by royal biographer Andrew Lownie, who also claimed that Epstein had seven different phone numbers for the prince in his "little black book." Lownie also asserted that Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell were invited to Balmoral and Sandringham as well as "personal birthday parties at Windsor."
The British royal family "welcomed Epstein and Ghislaine into their inner circle," according to Lownie. According to Epstein, "There's only one person who likes sex more than me, and that's Andrew."

According to Dickie Arbiter, the palace's press secretary, "the queen would believe her children," Andrew would have needed "permission from the queen" to invite Epstein to private events.

Watchman Says Some Banks Are Bad News: New Court Documents Suggest the Justice Department Under Four Presidents Covered Up Jeffrey Epstein’s Money Laundering at JPMorgan Chase

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Watchman: “Jpmorgan Handled More Than $1.1 Million in Payments From Epstein to Girls —Again, Chase Not Only Facilitated Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Trafficking of Underage Girls, but the Bank “Actively Participated in Epstein’s Sex-Trafficking Venture From 2006 to 2019.” However, They May Close America’s Account for No Apparent Cause–Bud Light This Sub-human’s

By StevieRay Hansen | August 2, 2023

HNewsWire: On July 24th and 25th, the Attorney General’s Office for the U.S. Virgin Islands filed dozens of documents in the court case it has launched against the largest federally-insured bank in the United States – JPMorgan Chase – in a U.S. district court in Manhattan. A quick glance at the giant blur of filings indicated that the vast majority had been filed under seal. (See a partial screen shot here.) The U.S. Virgin Islands is credibly alleging in its lawsuit that JPMorgan Chase “actively participated in Epstein’s sex trafficking venture” where dozens of underage girls were sexually assaulted by Epstein or his rich pals. Wall Street On Parade has learned over the years to deeply scrutinize anything that is happening in the federal district court in the Southern District of New York, where Wall Street has kept critical information……...

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Watchman Says Jamie Dimon Is Dirty: and the Deposition in Epstein Case Reveals Email Stating That Dimon Was to Be Treated to “Heavy Snacks” at Epstein’s Home

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HNewsWire: By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: June 1, 2023 ~ This Friday and Saturday, JPMorgan Chase’s Chairman and CEO, Jamie Dimon, is scheduled to sit for some very uncomfortable questioning in a deposition concerning what role he played in allowing his bank to serve as a vast cash conduit for Jeffrey Epstein, which enabled Epstein to perpetuate his sex trafficking of underage girls. The Attorney General’s office of the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) has filed a federal lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase that makes devastating charges against the largest bank in the United States. It alleges that JPMorgan Chase sat on a mountain of evidence that Jeffrey Epstein was running a child sex trafficking ring as it continued to keep him as a client; accept his lucrative referrals of wealthy clients; and provided him with large sums of cash and wire transfers to……...

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