LGBTQ+E Jesuit Priest Says Bible May Be


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Wrong About Homosexuality The Jesuit…

classified as having a reprobate mind, they have some knowledge of God and perhaps know of His commandments. However, they live impure lives and have very little desire to please God. Those who have reprobate minds live corrupt and selfish lives. Sin is justified and acceptable to them

Jesuit Father James Martin, author and editor at large of America magazine, meets in a private audience with Pope Francis on Sept. 30, 2019 (Foto ©Vatican Media)
The Two Devils, Vatican Media

Certain sensualists, who have made lust their god, have also declared their enmity for Christ. Modern advocates of homosexuality, live-in sexual relationships, “open” marriages, etc., have made no secret of their hatred for the Son of God and His lofty system of ethics.

The light went out in the church, and that’s the reason the world got dark. Dark times were perpetrated by the “last one out, turn out the lights” “The church lights have gone OUT”.

LGBT promoter Father James Martin has questioned whether the biblical condemnation of homosexual behavior may be mistaken, referencing the example of slavery.

Citing a recent essay on the topic as “interesting,” the Jesuit priest tweeted late Wednesday:

Where the Bible mentions [same-sex sexual] behavior at all, it clearly condemns it. I freely grant that. The issue is precisely whether the biblical judgment is correct. The Bible sanctioned slavery as well and nowhere attacked it as unjust.

Father James Martin SJ

After receiving an avalanche of responses both supportive and critical, Father Martin doubled down by citing another line from the article that questions the authority of Sacred Scripture for teaching moral truth: “Are we prepared to argue today that slavery is biblically justified?”

One of those who responded to Father Martin was Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, who said it was his duty as a pastor to oppose the priest in his assertions regarding the morality of homosexual sex.

“Thank you for acknowledging that you question scripture,” the bishop tweeted. “If we go down that road where do we stop? I know you have lots of support but you are challenging the Deposit of Faith that I promised to defend. As a bishop, I’ll keep defending it.”

Bishop Strickland was not alone in thanking Father Martin for finally coming clean on where he stands personally regarding homosexuality. In the past, the priest has said he supports Catholic teaching on the morality of homosexual sex, a position at odds with his most recent revelations.

Martin has been repeatedly criticized by Catholic prelates for refusing to call active homosexuals to conversion instead of merely affirming them in their behavior.

Other respondents to Martin’s tweet on social media took issue with the priest’s assertions regarding the biblical position on slavery, linking to articles that show how the biblical treatment of slavery evolved considerably from certain sections of the Old Testament to the way it is treated in the New Testament.

Earlier this month, Pope Francis received Father Martin in a 30-minute private audience in the Vatican, which the Jesuits called “a highly significant public statement of support and encouragement.”

“Father Martin is well known as a public speaker, author and for his pastoral ministry to L.G.B.T. people,” Gerard O’Connell Monday in the Jesuits’ flagship magazine America.

The pope’s “public statement of support” for the priest came just days after several U.S. bishops voiced concerns over the “ambiguity” of Martin’s words and actions regarding homosexuality.

“Father Martin’s public messages create confusion among the faithful and disrupt the unity of the Church by promoting a false sense that immoral sexual behavior is acceptable under God’s law,” wrote Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, in a statement on the diocesan website.

Those who experience same-sex attraction need the Church’s support “in the Christian struggle for virtue, sanctification, and purity,” the bishop said, while Father Martin “either encourages or fails to correct the behavior that separates a person” from God’s love.

According to one Jesuit priest, some 50 percent of the members of the Jesuit order are homosexuals.

“Roughly half of the Society under the age of fifty shuffles on the borderline between declared and undeclared gayness,” wrote Father Paul Shaughnessy, S.J., in a 2002 essay in the Weekly Standard, titled, “Are the Jesuits Catholic?” Source

HNewsWire-Bishops and other leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania covered up child sexual abuse by more than 300 priests over a period of 70 years, persuading victims not to report the abuse and law enforcement not to investigate it, according to a searing report issued by a grand jury on Tuesday.

The report, which covered six of the state’s eight Catholic dioceses and found more than 1,000 identifiable victims, is the broadest examination yet by a government agency in the United States of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. The report said there are likely thousands of more victims whose records were lost or who were too afraid to come forward.

Another article will highlight the heroic Catholic priests and bishops who are risking their lives, to tell the truth about what is happening in their church. Some of these whistleblowers are now in hiding in fear for their lives, while others have been killed or blackballed from parish work.

The focus of this article is on the types of criminal charges levied by the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation against predator priests and the cover-up of those crimes by the Roman Catholic hierarchy of bishops and cardinals. 

The Protestant churches also have clergy and staff who have committed sex crimes, but the focus today is on the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).

This is the second of three articles on pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). This article goes much deeper than one on one sex crimes against children. It also looks at the systematic cover-up of those crimes by the Catholic hierarchy. 

A future article will look at the trafficking of children for use as sex slaves and the use of children for ritualistic sacrifices. Another article will highlight the heroic Catholic priests and bishops who are risking their lives, to tell the truth about what is happening in their church.

Some of these whistleblowers are now in hiding in fear for their lives, while others have been killed or blackballed from parish work.

The lives of thousands of children have been destroyed by the network of pedophile priests. The simple fact that the disease of pedophilia is a strong part of Christianity had come down through the centuries from the very beginnings of the religion. Christianity came out of a culture that saw sex with children as being ‘pure’ and therefore was not considered to truly be sex. Therefore, when the time came that it was decided that members of the clergy should be celibate to avoid the issues that arise from inheritance sex with children was still not considered. That sex with children was not considered abnormal at that time were the many positions children could hold in service to others wherein sex was considered the primary role such as cabin boys on ships, squires in service to knights, and pageboys to members of royalty to name a few. As Europeans left their shores to explore the world they proudly took the disease with them and often documented (often the documentation was done by priests such as the Jesuits and the Dominicans) how they or their compatriots would take children or women to satisfy their morbid sexual desires and often, many women and children would be shipped back to the explorer’s homelands to become sexual slaves for nobility and/or friends, I think it’s well documented that from the beginning of the Catholic Church sex with children was acceptable,

StevieRay Hansen

The Birth Pains Are Growing Stronger….

“Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of man and devils”…
My name is Steve Meyers and I need to share a vision and warning that the Lord showed me back in April 2007….

Many of you will ask why I waited so long to share the warning. I didn’t. I shared the story with everyone that would listen from pastors to friends to family to colleagues. Immediately following the initial vision, I called a close friend. I told him to sit down that I had something to tell him. I needed it documented as I knew this was supernatural and from God. As I witness events unfolding today, I need to share the vision again.

The silencing of the American people before 2020?

The Un-Godly — Those That Suppress the Truth, the social media giants built multi-billion dollar empires by giving everyone a voice, but now that they have such a dominant position on the Internet they have decided that many prominent conservative voices should be completely silenced.

Are you an insider who wants to confidentially reveal wrongdoing or political bias at your company?. Reach out to StevieRay at his secure email address [email protected].

Trans People, LGBTQE scream and the online publishing platform Medium suspended the accounts of prominent Christians and Conservative figures Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Laura Loomer and HNewsWire just to mention a few, the list is long and very disturbing-what the majority homosexuals, transgender, liberal screaming has accomplished in the name of inclusion
The fact is, it is not enough for atheists, homosexuals, socialists and cultural leftists to have their own freedom and equality to believe whatever they believe (freedom which most Christians fully support). No, they want to ensure that Christians are not permitted to live out their own faith and convictions without retribution. This is the legacy of the New Tolerance movement. The doors of religious liberty are closing once again in Russia, after a brief twenty-six-year limited window. Are the doors of our four-hundred-year window of liberty closing? Frankly, that answer will be determined by what this generation of Christians in America does in the next ten years. “And the Lord will by no means leave the guilty unpunished.”

The light went out in the church, and that’s the reason the world got dark. Dark times were perpetrated by the “last one out, turn out the lights” “The church lights have gone OUT”.

Unfortunately, not all alternative sources are reliable, even some Major Christian (and I use Christian loosely) news sources have been corrupted. They will NOT tell the truth. They just parrot the deceptive narratives perpetrated by those who currently control our government and media. Even those who are honestly trying to present the truth can miss it sometimes. There is so much deception out there. In these last days, you must be wise as serpents and gentle as lambs. It is no time to sleep or slumber. Diligence and vigilance are required. It is critical that you think for yourself and not be a Lemming.

Are you an insider who wants to confidentially reveal wrongdoing or political bias at your company?. Reach out to StevieRay at his secure email address [email protected].

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  1. Patrick Galasso on October 28, 2019 at 11:53 pm

    Dr. Judith Reisman, expert witness before the attorney general’s commission on pornography and veteran researcher has found contrary to the popular view that there is little crossover between homosexuality and pedophilia, she says homosexuals are anxious to recruit young boys–a practice that is becoming easier than to sex education and “diversity programs” in schools that teach children to consider homosexuality as both acceptable and normal.
    NO pedophile has the right to seduce or enslave a child for sexual pleasure!

  2. Rob on October 28, 2019 at 3:53 pm

    This priest is dead wrong. Just read Romans 1:26-27 taking note of the end of verse 27 then go and compare that to the CDC Website on STD’s in Homos to see whether the Bible is right! Furthermore all the authorities and the Medical profession along with Homo Websites themselves warn them, Yes WARN them to Protect themselves against their practices by wearing condoms, getting vaccinations and getting regular health checkups. Why??? Not to prevent pregnancy but the inevitable danger and disease that this ungodly activity will bring on them.
    That alone tells you that it should not be practiced.

    • Patrick Galasso on October 28, 2019 at 11:52 pm

      Homosexual activists have set a well planned and well financed agenda that started in the 1960s and now includes not only tolerance of their lethal lifestyle but acceptance with privileges as a special class, as a minority group. The key target is our youth. This can be seen in the following written by “gay revolutionary” Mark Swift and printed in the February 15, 1987 issue of Gay Community News. These excerpts are reprinted from the Congressional Record:
      “We shall sodomize your sons, We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your youth groups, Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will come to crave and adore us. All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead, legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men. Our writers and artists will make love between men fashionable…. We shall raise vast, private armies…to defeat you. The family unit….will be abolished. Perfect boys will be conceived and grown in the genetic laboratory….All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our only gods are handsome young men. All males who insist on remaining stupidly heterosexual will be tried in homosexual courts of justice and will become invisible men. Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks.”

  3. Patrick Galasso on October 25, 2019 at 12:13 am

    I was in Washington D.C. in June of this year (2003) when the United States Supreme Court ruled in Lawrence v. Texas that Texas’s sodomy law was unconstitutional on “right of privacy” and “equal protections” grounds “guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The section of the 14th Amendment that they are referring to is — No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
    This was a disastrous decision! Here is why. Their decision effectively put an end to the remaining sodomy laws on the books in 13 states and opened the door to the possibility of same sex marriages and new laws that will make calling homosexuality sin hate speech.
    Homosexual sodomy was criminal conduct in all 50 states until the 1960’s. Since 1961 homosexual conduct has gone from being a crime in all 50 states to the Supreme Court ruling that it is protected behavior under the Law.

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