More God, More Peace—Texas to Place the Ten Commandments in Classrooms—Don’t Mess With Us Texans! If You Don’t Like It Here–Please LEAVE


Sen. Phil King (R) of Texas has introduced a bill mandating that the Ten Commandments be displayed in every public classroom.
Barton told host Todd Starnes that this new legislation appears to be quite reasonable.

Should the Ten Commandments be displayed in all American public schools?

"Since the inception of Western civilization and the Western world, the Ten Commandments have been the foundation of all Western morality. Consequently, I find it to be quite logical. There are numerous legal and historical precedents for this as well. From a commonsense standpoint, however, it makes perfect sense to return to teaching children fundamental moral concepts, such as don't kill other people "Starnes was told by Barton.

Barton also provided a brief history lesson on the first textbooks published in the United States, which contained over forty questions about the Ten Commandments in the back of the book.

"It wasn't until 1980 that an activist Supreme Court determined that the Ten Commandments should be removed from classrooms. Let's discontinue this practice. The 1980s, when activist judges stopped speaking out As a result of the Supreme Court overturning some bad precedents last summer, we are now in a position to reinstate some of the basic moral values we used to teach children, including the posting of copies of the Ten Commandments."

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