NY TIMES: It’s Time to Pull the Plug on Trump’s Tweets, REALLY……

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The progressive left suggest that they be able to control President-elect Donald Trump by taking away one of our sacred rights, free speech. And then insist that all of us bow down at the altar of the false god, “progressivism” .

The pompous New York Times goes on to say:

But, as we all know, Mr. Trump is not an ordinary Twitter user, a fact in which he clearly delights. As the 45th president of the United States, what he says and does on Twitter has enormous consequences. He cannot be ignored. He cannot be shunned. He cannot be publicly shamed. It has come to the point where his tweets have to be taken both literally and seriously.

It cannot be the right answer, for instance, that just because Mr. Trump tweets about how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s debut on “Celebrity Apprentice” did not get the viewership that Mr. Trump did when he starred in the show, we are led down the rabbit hole for the rest of the day. Mr. Trump knows that his tweets, as inchoate as they often are, must be covered because he is the president of the United States. He takes full advantage of that fact.

The industry has snapped to attention, and given Mr. Trump a number of public relations victories. Not since President John F. Kennedy attacked United States Steel — for raising steel prices by $6 a ton — has a United States president so directly provoked individual companies by name. (Mr. Trump has also gone after Carrier, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas.) But bullying individual corporate executives into kowtowing to your whims because you are president of the United States is not what made America great and won’t be what makes it great again (if in fact that is even in dispute).

To try to get another perspective on whether Mr. Dorsey should toss Mr. Trump off Twitter, I reached out to Lauren Weinstein. He is the co-founder of People for Internet Responsibility. For Mr. Weinstein the fundamental question is whether Mr. Trump is being treated differently from other Twitter users. “My view is that he has been and still is being treated differently, permitted to continue tweeting where any ordinary user would have been either temporarily or permanently banned long ago,” he emailed me.

His logic is that Mr. Trump’s tweeting does, in fact, violate several aspects of Twitter’s terms of service, including his “continuing direct attacks on individuals,” and the way those tweets inspire “massive secondary attacks from his followers and others.” He also is concerned that Mr. Trump’s tweets about individual corporations are hurting their stock prices, in the short run, and might lead to long term stock manipulation or “blackmail.” Any “ordinary” user would have been kicked off long ago, Mr. Weinstein wrote me.

I realize that Trump represents a cash cow of sorts to Twitter in terms of visibility and engagement, but they need to show some spine, or else admit that their T.O.S.” — terms of service — “is just a paper tiger that’s all show and no substance,” he concluded.

What better moment, then, for Mr. Dorsey to do something wonderful for the American people — to say nothing of the rest of the world — by pulling the plug on Mr. Trump’s unfiltered 140-character propaganda machine?

Mr. Schumer is absolutely right, we cannot afford a Twitter presidency and unless Mr. Dorsey does something about it, that is exactly what we are going to get.

StevieRay Hansen: The New York Times is a far left-leaning rag  a progressive hack, it has no room to talk about financial condition of anyone except for itself and it’s in trouble. The times cannot stand the fact that President-elect Donald Trump can get his message out without it being filtered through skewed left-leaning lens of hypocrisy, the progressive left”.


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