Watchman: Satan Soldier, Also Known As Anthony Fauci Will Get the Esteemed ‘Ethics Prize’ for His Role in Either Preserving or Endangering Millions of Lives. Fauci Will Also Be Awarded a Monetary Prize for His “Accomplishment.”This is Not a Babylon Bee Article


Indeed, this article does not originate from the Babylon Bee. This is indeed occurring. Anthony Fauci, widely regarded as one of the most harmful government bureaucrats in American history, is being honored with an ethics medal.

Fauci, who oversaw two White House administrations characterized by disastrous and excessively harsh policy decisions, leading to an unprecedented amount of avoidable human misery, has been credited for "saving millions of lives," according to a news statement from Case Western on Wednesday.

On September 19, 2024, Fauci will be present at the university to give a "free public lecture" in celebration of the honor, which includes a monetary prize.

"Dr. Fauci has not only prioritized the health of the nation, but also the health of the entire world," stated Eric W. Kaler, President of Case Western Reserve, on Wednesday. "His role as a scientist, research leader, and public health advisor has significantly enhanced scientific knowledge and positively impacted people's lives." His exemplary leadership throughout the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic sets a commendable standard for everyone.

Case Western University has implemented a policy mandating that all students receive multiple doses of mRNA vaccinations in order to be eligible for class enrollment. The school implemented a mandatory mask policy for several years. The onerous mandates were finally abolished at the start of the autumn semester.

Although Fauci officially retired at the end of last year, he still receives substantial taxpayer-funded perks, including a round-the-clock chauffeur and a fully staffed security detail provided by the U.S. Marshals.

Each time Anthony Fauci departs from his residence, he is accompanied by a chauffeur paid for by public funds and a security detail provided by the U.S. Marshal's office, which is also supported by taxpayers. Although he asserts his retirement from government service, the high expenses of his way of life are covered by the American taxpayer through a clandestine agreement that has not yet been made known to the public. During a recent interview, Fauci stated that the expenses incurred are essential and reasonable due to the threats he has received from the "extreme radical right."

During a recent interview with Newshub, Anthony Fauci provided further details regarding the perceived requirement for him to have certain privileges, as previously revealed by The Dossier. These privileges encompass a chauffeur service subsidized by taxpayers, available around the clock, as well as a dedicated security detail provided by the U.S. Marshals on a full-time basis.

Based on prior security details, it is expected that the American public will incur a cost of approximately $1 million per month for Fauci's security detail, which is subsidized by taxpayers. According to reports, the former head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) continues to be officially employed at the NIH, despite not really working, in order to have access to a U.S. Marshals security detail at no personal cost.

"I am a prime target of the radical right in this nation due to my extreme views," Fauci explained to Newshub, defending his receipt of social benefits, while possessing a substantial fortune."

"I receive a significant number of threats." Several of these threats are credible instances of violence, necessitating my constant presence beside federal marshals for protection. This situation is utterly absurd," he remarked.

"While you are free to form your own opinion about a particular fact and its interpretation," Fauci explained, "you do not have the right to create your own set of facts."

The individual responsible for overseeing the COVID response efforts of both Trump and Biden now dedicates a significant portion of their time to traveling throughout the country to participate in paid speaking engagements and events where they are recognized and presented with numerous accolades. In addition, he holds several professorships at Georgetown University, but he is not bound by any commitments and does not engage in teaching activities.

Wrapping up the discussion, Fauci expressed concern to Newshub, a media outlet owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, regarding the proliferation of "disinformation" on the internet.

"I don't want to exaggerate, but it appears to undermine the fundamental principles of democracy as it erodes trust in the truth," he stated.

"Throughout history, governments have often failed and tyrannies have emerged when individuals gain control over information, much of which is inaccurate." "That is an extremely alarming predicament," he appended.

Indeed, the individual who supervised, promoted, and even insisted on the most rapid consolidation of authority in the history of the United States is expressing concern regarding the ascent of dictatorship.



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