So, When You Hear These Folks Say Again and Again That “This Is a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated,” No, It’s a Vaccinate Plandemic Gone Pestilence Because of Corrupt Mad Men

I SRH, fiercely defend my anti-Vaccine position, and advocate a pro-God, pure immune system for all true Believers.

If you thought you were vaccinated against the Pestilence, Thank again, so after receiving your first COVID19 bio-weapon injection, The Real Cause of The Pestilence. Even if you stay on the course and receive a second injection and then your first booster, and another booster, you’re still not vaccinated, according to Fauci and the CDC. That's because their job is to kill for Satan.

If you had an adverse reaction to any of your bio-weapon injections or died immediately following your injection within the first 14-days, you were unvaccinated during this period, according to the CDC and Satan Soldier Fauci. Even though you were perfectly healthy prior to your injections, and immediately sick or dead after that injection, it had nothing to do with the injection, according to Satan Soldier Fauci, the demonic CDC and the known liar, the U.S. News Media.

Now we are learning that there will be more boosters coming in and making an effort to hide the facts. Pestilence has no cure and happens to be controlled by the almighty creator, the great I am, God. Bill Gates is a Satanic fraud.

So, when you hear these folks say again and again that “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” it's a Vaccinate Plandemic gone Pestilence because of corrupt Mad men

The unvaccinated folks have emerged as GOD Protected (Save) the smartest people on earth. They never bought into the COVID19 fake demonic science.

When we were all told that the Wuhan flu came from a Chinese wet market, we thought, well, that’s happened before, so it’s possible. But then we saw reports of patients and one in China was an employee of the Wuhan Lab, and we researched “gain of function” work. It took over a year for Fauci to admit what we knew in the first months of 2020, that this was a lab created (gain of function) bio-weapon, funded by Satan Soldier Mad Man Fauci and NIH in that CDC-CCP Wuhan Lab.

When intelligent people saw that nine-inch swab test, we asked why? We all knew you could test for any virus with a simple saliva cheek swab, which is what they are using now. There was never any legitimate reason for a swab all the way to the blood-brain barrier, unless for some other reason. So, we said, no, thanks!

When intelligent people were told to put on a mask, we looked at the mask manufacturer information and read numerous mask efficacy research studies, all of which concluded that none of the masks were at all effective in preventing the spread of any virus. So again, after checking, we said, no, thanks!

When we were told that Operation Warp Speed was going to deliver vaccines to save us all from a virus (Really Pestilence) that already had a 99.8% survival rate, seasonal flu, we knew that this meant that all the normal testing to make sure that any vaccines would be safe, was being bypassed in order to get them fast, instead of safe. When we started reading thousands of VAERS reports of deaths from the vaccines, we knew that we were right to opt out no thanks!

Essentially, everyone in the hospital over COVID today has received one or more of the kill Shot vaccines. I consider anyone who has even taken one of these injections to be WALKING DEAD. But Fauci and the CDC insist that no one is really vaccinated yet, as no one has completed their ongoing protocol of endless kill shot injections and boosters to facilitate the Pestilence

Fauci and the CDC cannot afford to label you “vaxxed” because if they did, they would not be able to keep injecting you with more kill shot bioweapons, and they would have to admit that these kill shot vaccines are killing and maiming more people than the virus itself ever could have or would have.

Revelation 2:23

I will kill her children to death, and all the assembly will know that I am he who searches for minds and hearts. I will give to each one of you according to your deeds

As Pestilence continues to sweep the planet, humanity Continues to Jab God in the Eye, A Strong Delusion Has Been placed On The Ungodly

Liberal states, some of which accomplished the most restrictive requirements in the country throughout the China corona-virus plandemic, are experiencing colossal surges of the virus as the holiday season arrives, causing some to re-implement mitigation strategies and keep others in status.

Michigan is disclosing one of the most enormous surges in the nation, experiencing a day-to-day average of 8,457 cases, or 85 per 100,000, according to the New York Times‘ tracker. That reveals an 88 percent gain in events in the last 14 days. This week, the federal government granted to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) request to send “two medical units to regional hospitals to relive doctors and nurses as they deal with COVID-19 and other cases” amid the surge.

Pennsylvania, under Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) leadership, is seeing a daily average of 6,251 cases, or 49 per 100,000. That echoes an increase of 40 percent over the last two weeks.

Similarly, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s (D) New York is reporting an everyday average of 6,666 cases, or 34 per capita. That reflects an increase of 37 percent in the last 14 days.

While adjoining New Jersey is faring marginally better, reporting 25 cases per 100,000, or a daily average of 2,183 cases, that still reflects a gain of 61 percent over the same time cycle.

Meantime, Illinois, one of the few states with a statewide mask mandate in place, is reporting a daily average of 4,661 cases, or 34 per 100,000. That mirrors an increase of 86 percent in the last couple of weeks.

Florida State, whose Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) lingered against long term lockdowns, goes on to have the lowest corona-virus rate per capita in the nation, sitting at six. That reflects a two percent decline in cases over the last two weeks.

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Credentials please, What degrees did you study for or was it the Sears catalog or Mad Magazine?

Fauci should be replaced with a real doctor.Then locked up

Why should this “Lying Under Oath/‘Gain of Function’ Fund & Despot” have any say in anything?
Why hasn’t he been arrested and put in jail?
Why is he continuing to draw his $459,000.00 salary, while honorable, decent American workers are LOSING THEIR JOBS because of his Death Jab?

Source: HNewsWire   HNewsWire     HNewsWire

StevieRay Hansen
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I’m not injecting an unneeded, untested, and rushed concoction with no long-term data into my arm–not least one vended by convicted criminals (Pfizer) and pushed by pocket-lining Politicians.

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    12-Year-Old In Germany Dies 2 Days After Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine – 12-Year-Old in Thailand In ICU After Heart Problems Caused By The Pfizer Shot

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