Soros Created a “Shadow Party” of Leftist Organizations That Control the Democrat Party. Here’s Everything You Need To Know!


HNewsWire: The nation is ruled by an unelected bureaucracy with no supervision from citizens or lawmakers. For well over a century, most courts have ignored it, presuming that the "experts" in the bureaucracy are doing a good job of correctly reading law and simply drafting regulations for simple compliance.

While high-profile politicians on the left get the majority of the attention, it's easy to forget that they can only advance their agenda if they have the money to do so. One of the biggest sources of such money is extreme leftist billionaire George Soros, who is sponsoring many of the left's progressive programs on his own. Here are nine facts about him that you should be aware of.

1. Soros has a criminal record. According to Bloomberg, Soros was convicted of insider trading in France in 2002, with a judge ruling that he "acted with the understanding that the bank would be a takeover target." The court ordered Soros to pay compensation of 2.2 million euros ($2.9 million).

2. Soros was a Nazi collaborator and hails from an anti-Semitic Jewish background. "My mother was pretty anti-Semitic, and embarrassed of being Jewish," Soros told CBS' 60 Minutes. "Being Jewish was a clear-cut stigma, disadvantage, and handicap in the society in which one lived-and, as a result, there was always the desire to transcend it, to escape it."

Later in the conversation, Soros said that he had no guilt "about seizing property from Jews as a youngster."

"I don't deny Jews the right to exist as a nation-state, but I don't want to be a part of it," Soros stated. Soros is a fervent anti-Israel supporter who has equated Israel to the Nazis.

3. Soros mostly supports the liberal mainstream media. Back in 2011, the Media Research Center documented Soros' links to over 30 major media sources. For example, at the time of the MRC study, the Journalism Advisory Board of the Soros-funded Pro-Publica included the following journalists:

Jill Abramson is The New York Times' new executive editor; Kerry Smith is ABC News' senior vice president for editorial excellence; and Cynthia A. Tucker is The Atlanta Journal-editorial Constitution's page editor.

Abramson, who was let go by the Times, is now a writer for The Guardian. Tucker is no longer the AJC's editor, but rather a syndicated journalist and pundit.

Members of the media listed below have also served on the boards or advisory boards of Soros organizations:

Christiane Amanpour - Host of ABC's "This Week with Christiane Amanpour," a Sunday morning political affairs show. She has described tax cuts as "giveaways," the Tea Party as "crazy," and Obama as "very Reaganesque." Matt Thompson is an adjunct faculty member at the prestigious Poynter Institute and the editorial product manager at National Public Radio.

Ben Sherwood is the president of ABC News and a former executive producer of "Good Morning America." Kathleen Hall Jamieson is an author and the Walter H. Annenberg Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. Michele Norris is the host of NPR's news magazine "All Things Considered," public radio's longest-running national program.

Phil Bronstein, Hearst Newspapers' head of content creation and editor-at-large; David Boardman, The Seattle Times; Len Downie, former Executive Editor of the Washington Post and currently VP; and George Osterkamp, CBS News producer

Amanpour is presently CNN's main foreign reporter and Amanpour's presenter. Thompson is currently The Atlantic's deputy editor, while Norris works for The Race Card Project. Bronstein has since left Hearst for a larger position at the Sores-funded Center for Investigative Reporting, and Boardman is now the Dean of Temple University's School of Media and Communication.

The Washington Post, Salon, CNN, and ABC News are all listed as "media partners" by the CRI.

Soros also supports the Clinton-aligned Media Matters group, which has provided material to several media publications, including The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times.

4. Soros established a "Shadow Party" of leftist groups that effectively dominate the Democratic Party. According to Discover the Networks, the McCain-Feingold Act authorized the formation of "527 committees," which were defined as independent organizations that could produce "issue-oriented ads, voter-education initiatives, get-out-the-vote drives, and other 'party-building' activities'" that pushed the Democratic Party further to the left. and the Center for American Progress were among these groups.

5. Soros is a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. According to Investor's Business Daily, Soros donated $9 million to pro-Clinton Super PACs and "was able to drive State Department policy in Albania." Soros also just dined with Tim Kaine, Clinton's vice president.

6. Soros has ties to Donald Trump. Soros contributed $160 million to the construction of the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago. According to The Daily Beast, the two had a romantic involvement at one time.

Trump even advised conservatives in 2011 to "ignore Soros, leave him alone, he's got enough issues."

While Soros is determined to stop Trump, he did assist Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) in the primary, siphoning votes away from Sen. Ted Cruz and clearing the stage for Trump to win. It's not out of the question that Soros ensured Trump would be the candidate over Cruz because he believed Trump wouldn't have a chance against Clinton.

7. According to Soros' Open Society Foundation, Europe's immigrant problem should be seen as the "new normal." According to a leaked OSF document obtained by The Daily Caller:

"Acknowledging the present catastrophe as the new normal and getting beyond the urge to respond."

"We see little attention paid to long-term planning or fundamentally innovative ways to lobbying as we see our partners responding and adjusting to the new reality in light of the crisis in Europe and the Mediterranean." The conclusion also emphasizes the need of combating "increasing hostility against immigration."

Soros contributes to Black Lives Matter organizations. According to a Washington Times review of the tax filings of the Soros-funded OSF, the foundation contributed at least $33 million to BLM organizations in a single year. The Daily Beast tried to defend Soros, but their report was predicated on OSF merely rejecting funding for BLM and claiming that tracking the $33 million would be difficult.

9. Soros' support often benefits himself. According to the Washington Free Beacon:

While Soros has boosted his multi million-dollar investments in both domestic and international enterprises that extract shale oil and gas, the Obama administration has promoted natural gas as a less carbon-intensive bridging fuel to a "clean-energy future." Westport Innovations, a business that modifies diesel engines for natural gas usage and is partly controlled by Soros' hedge fund, would gain from the administration's idea to give incentives to companies who employ natural gas-powered vehicles.

Soros' political activism sometimes overlaps with his investments. In 2009, he advocated that rich nations establish a "green fund" to address climate change in underdeveloped countries by allocating billions of dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to forestry, land-use, and agricultural initiatives. Soros' fund holds more than a $200 million interest in Adecoagro, a Luxembourg-based business that owns hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in South America and would profit from the IMF influx of funds.

Michael Qazvini's essay on Soros may be found here.


We Will Witness a Blood Bath… It didn’t take China long to respond to George Soros after he went nuclear on Beijing and US investment titans abandoning their “ESG ideals” to capitalize on China’s massive market. Over the weekend, China’s state-run tabloid Global Times labeled George Soros a “global economic terrorist”.

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