Watchman’s Daily Devotional: Jeremiah 30:7 Says, “That Day Is Great So That None Is Like It.” the Only Time Period That Fits This Description Is the Period of the Tribulation. This Time Is Unparalleled in History

Jeremiah 30:7 says, “That day is great so that none is like it.” The only time period that fits this description is the period of the Tribulation. This time is unparalleled in history.  Jesus described the Tribulation using some of the same imagery as Jeremiah. In Matthew 24:6-8, He stated that the appearance of false Christs, wars, and rumors of wars, famines, and earthquakes are “the beginning of birth pains.”  Paul, too, described the Tribulation as birth pains. First Thessalonians 5:3 says, “While people are saying, ‘Peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.” This event follows the Rapture and the removal of the Church, in 4:13-18. In 5:9, Paul reemphasizes the absence of the Church from this time period by saying, “For God has not destined us for wrath, but…

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Watchman: Three-Foot-Deep Hail Fell in Areas of Texas. God’s Talking Not Many Are Listening, Its NOT Climate Change

By SRH, Three-foot-deep hail fell in certain areas of Texas.The National Weather Service reported up to three feet of hail in some areas of San Angelo and Concho County. Tornadoes and torrential rains hit the state during the same intense storm system that produced the hail. According to reports, hail caused major damage and was as large as a baseball. Has hail ever looked like this before? Texas has seen a very eventful week. There have been strong gusts, flooding, tornadoes, and large hail.The Lone Star State is still under threat of severe weather throughout the weekend. hDQ2qnsTkR    May 4, 2024, WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) Another gorilla hail stone intercepted while a cone wedge was forming! This supercell is continuously producing large tornadoes west of Highway 285! Edgar O’Neal, WX    Dr. Reed Timmer (@ReedTimmerUSA) May 4, 2024 Several……...

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Watchman: We Have Been Sold Out By The Ones We Trusted–The Only Question Remaining,How Will You Negotiate The Biblical Tribulations!

By SRH,On March 22, the House successfully passed a bill worth $1.2 trillion, skillfully avoiding a looming deadline to provide full funding for 70 percent of the government. The final count stood at 286-134, with 112 Republicans and 23 Democrats voting against the bill. This crucial legislation was passed just in the nick of time, as the March 23 midnight deadline approached, ensuring that a partial government shutdown was averted. Interestingly, the bill was unveiled only yesterday, but it managed to secure approval through an expedited process that necessitates a two-thirds majority for passage. Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) even went a step further by waiving the House rule that typically grants members 72 hours to review legislation before voting on it. House Passes Pork-Filled Bill To Fully Fund Government by Tyler Durden Update (1150ET):  With just hours to go before…

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