The World Economic Forum’s Satan Soldiers Have Come Out in Favor of Critical Race Theory, CRT Activists Aim to Dismantle the U.S. And Establish “A Total Dictatorship” of the So-Called “Anti-racists.” Tribulation

While Critical Race Theory has the commendable purpose of highlighting problems that are difficult to recognize and that persist or constitute racism, it turns out to be a fairly ineffective method of doing so. CRT accuses an entire demography of committing a collective crime, then utilizes that charge to accuse individuals within that demographic of committing the crime, and finally strives to deprive those convicted of their rights, dignity, and equal protection based on that allegation. “This PROVES CRT is the revolution. I’ve been wrong this whole time!” he mocked.  “Run from the WEF working class people,” warned clinical psychologist and psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson. “Why would the World Economic Forum come out in support of Critical Race Theory?” asked author and mathematician Dr. James Lindsay, who warned last month that CRT activists aim to dismantle the U.S. and…


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