Watchman: For the Past Three Years, Thousands of Illegal Aliens Have Invaded Our Nation; Violent Crime Is on the Rise; Fentanyl Is Murdering Over 300 Americans per Day; And an Unprecedented Number of Individuals With Ties to Terrorist Organizations

HNewsWire: Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kansas) has initiated a thread on X to monitor and document significant crimes committed by individuals residing in the country illegally during the Biden administration. Amid concerns over a border that critics have described as “porous,” the upcoming thread will highlight stories of violent crimes committed by individuals who entered the country illegally. “With the current administration, the concerns about national security have increased as every state is now facing border-related challenges,” stated Mr. Marshall in an interview with The Epoch Times. “The situation at the border under Joe Biden’s administration is far from being a mere talking point; it is an undeniable reality.” Up until now, the thread has documented a string of horrifying crimes, such as child murder, sexual assault, and traffic collisions. “Over the past three years, there has been a significant influx……...

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Voter ID laws are “unnecessary.” According to AG Merrick Garland, While Watchman Labels This Guy is a Brain-Dead Moron, TX Will Do What TX Does: Arrest the Invaders, With or Without the UN,WEF,Obama,Soros,Biden and Garland Permission.Civil War’s Coming

By SRH, Watchman Marks With or without approval from the UN, WEF, Obama, Soros, Biden, and Garland, Texas will do what Texas does—arrest the invaders. Republicans took offense when Attorney General Merrick Garland said on March 3 that state efforts to enact voter ID laws are “burdensome” and “unnecessary.” “Burdensome?” How absurd. When all people who use banks, computers, cellphones, travelers, shoppers, store clerks, drivers, teachers and their aides, janitors, club members, policemen, students, prisoners, even migrants are issued ID’s. That tells you all you need to know about Merrick Garland’s intentions to rig and cheat in the elections.He wants to mail in all the illegal votes and sneak illegal aliens into the polling places.He is a snake. The attorney general was remembering the 59th anniversary of the targeting of protestors by Selma police during an early civil rights demonstration…

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Watchman: The Southern Border Wall That Biden et al. Hates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 8, 2024 PRESS OFFICE: (512) 463-2050 [email protected] Attorney General Ken Paxton Prevails Over Biden’s Unlawful Attempt to Redirect Money Away from Border Wall Construction AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has secured a preliminary injunction against an attempt by the Biden Administration to illegally redirect statutorily obligated funds away from the construction of a border wall. Under President Donald Trump’s leadership, Congress dedicated roughly $1.4 billion to the construction of walls and barriers along the southern border in order to reduce the number of illegal aliens entering the country. Immediately upon taking office, President Joseph Biden issued an executive order demanding construction stop and directing the Department of Homeland Security to devise a way to redirect the funds. Texas sued to stop this scheme and to require the Biden Administration to follow the law…

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Watchman:The Supreme Court Has Further Prolonged the Temporary Halt on Texas’ Ability to Enforce Its Immigration Law. Texas Will Take Necessary Actions to Address Its Concerns. The Current Administration and Its Allies Show Little Regard for the Well-Being of Our Country. They Are Merely Deceitful Individuals Who Betray Our Nation

By SRH, A temporary freeze has been extended by the U.S. Supreme Court, preventing Texas from enforcing a new law that grants state police the authority to apprehend immigrants believed to have illegally crossed the U.S.–Mexico border. Please Help Donate GiveSendGo Be a part of it. Give immediately. Make a donation today to help me continue. Justice Samuel Alito, who oversees the federal circuit handling the case, on March 18, extended an administrative stay on a certain bill from Texas that was initially issued on March 4 and then extended on March 12 to allow the court time to review the case. The stay was extended “pending further order” of the court, as stated in the order. The order is a setback to certain states and their efforts to address the issue of undocumented immigrants, which they perceive as…

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Watchman: People Are Homeless and Hungry, and Now This: The GOP/DEM Compromise Bill Makes It Possible for 1.8 Million People to Cross Illegally. The Real Goal Here Is to Bring Down Our Society and the NWO Wins, at Least Until God Steps in and Destroys Evil. Tribulation Is Moving Forward, Warp Speed, Get Prepared!

By SRH, Not only are people without homes and food, but the GOP/DEM deal bill lets 1.8 million people cross illegally. The real goal is to bring down both our society and the NWO. Wins, at least until God stops evil and wipes it out. Trouble is moving forward at warp speed New York City is starting a $53 million scheme to give illegal immigrants debit cards that have already been loaded with money. Those people are not “asylum seekers,” they are border-jumpers who break the law. Why should American taxpayers pay a dime to help illegal immigrants who didn’t agree to live with them? Just how do they choose who gets cards and who doesn’t? Where are the cards for people who are American? New York City records and news stories say that illegal aliens in the city will…

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Watchman: Once Democratic Meddling Is Eliminated From the Picture, Stopping This Invasion Is Not at All Difficult. Sincerely, They (Satan Soldiers)Pose the Greatest Threat to the Nation. Illegal Immigration Is but One Sign of a More Serious Demonic Illness, AntiChrist Politicians Run D.C.

By SRH, Once Democratic meddling is eliminated from the picture, stopping this invasion is not at all difficult. Sincerely, they pose the greatest threat to the nation. Illegal immigration is but one sign of a more serious illness. Americans need to realize that the modern Democratic Party has given up on any pretense of engaging in conventional politics. Yes, US politics has a long history of using threats to destabilize the country, but this level of internal strife hasn’t been witnessed since the Civil War. Leftists have purposefully fostered an atmosphere wherein criticism of their programs is referred to as a “insurrection” and a “threat to democracy.” They have taken on a zero tolerance mentality, which they believe is justified by a cult-like globalism and wokeness philosophy. Democrats behave in a manner that is quite similar to former communist governments.…

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