Pedophile sexually abused children as young as four

Pedophiles share the characteristic of being “without natural affection” (Romans 1:31; 2 Timothy 3:2). The phrase “without natural affection” is translated from one Greek word, which means “inhuman, unloving, and unsociable.” One without natural affection acts in ways that are against the social norm. This would certainly describe a pedophile. Bryan Grimes has been jailed for life after preying on young children for more than 40 years. A paedophile who sexually abused children as young as four has been given a life sentence. Bryan Grimes was convicted of attempting to rape a ten-year-old as well as sexually assaulting five other girls and a boy in Fife and Ayrshire. The sex abuse, which included a four-year-old, was carried out between 1975 and 2017. The 58-year-old admitted minor sexual offending, but denied the more serious offences. At the High Court in Glasgow, judge…


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