California AG Absolutely Evil: Parents Have No Right to Know if Their Children Are Transgender—We Have Let This Scumbag Gain Control and Our Children Are Bring Indoctrinated by Satan Soldiers

California AG: Parents Deserve to Be Kept in the Dark About Their Children’s Transgender Identity HNewsWire: The Chino Valley Unified School District is being sued by California Attorney General Rob Bonta. The school board’s obligatory gender identity disclosure policy has enraged the state. This is how it works: Susie’s mother and father must be notified if she identifies as Billy at school. In other words, it’s a sensible rule enacted by the school district’s new conservative board members. According to the attorney general, parents have no right to such information. “This policy discriminates wrongfully and unconstitutionally against transgender and gender nonconforming students,” the attorney general wrote. Senator Scott Wiener of California applauded the attorney general’s decision. “Forcing a teacher to out a transgender child to their parents, even if the child isn’t ready and even if it puts them in…


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