Constitutional Rights Group Is Suing Canadian Federal Government For Unlawful Invocation Of Emergencies Act.

A constitutional rights organization has filed a lawsuit against Ottawa for invoking the Emergencies Act and blocking the financial accounts of many people who took part in recent rallies against the government COVID-19 regulations. In a news release dated February 25, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) announced it had launched a constitutional challenge against the federal government on behalf of four Canadians, including two decorated military veterans and a former police officer. On Feb. 14, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau activated the act, giving police broad new powers to expel protestors from downtown Ottawa and demonstrators who were blocking multiple Canada-US border crossings in solidarity with those in the national capital. Financial institutions were also empowered to freeze the accounts of individuals and corporations suspected of being involved in the protests without requiring a court order under the public order…


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