Watchman: It’s an Unhinged Scumbag Who Snitches on Mr. Little. Jan. 6 Case. Choose Your Friends Carefully. Thomas Jefferson Once Said, “Rebellion Becomes Duty When Tyranny Becomes Law.” MAGA Trump Isn’t Present

SRH: What should the punishment be for assuming office under false pretenses, failing to honor their oaths, construing the U.S. Constitution in a way that Mao would, and overall ruining the country? Biden Admin Tells Supreme Court That 2nd Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Domestic Abusers HNewsWire: Jail some Judges,Some politicians Things might change… They ought to all be free. It was planned from the beginning. It’s horrible how these Americans are being handled. I no longer recognize our nation. The satisfaction many felt after reporting their acquaintances to the FBI It is shocking, much like Germany under Hitler. Prison or not. Or not on probation Patriots are released on January 6. They are open-minded, in contrast to uneducated Democrats who believe that Biden, not Obama and his cronies, is in charge of the country and that Trump lost the election,……...

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Capitol Police Demand Arrests of GOP Members

of Congress (House and Senate) Who Aided Insurrection… Raw Story: Capitol Police officers issue a letter on their official letterhead saying that they have a “profound disappointment” with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for opposing the Jan. 6 Commission. Citing the “physical trauma” and “mental anguish,” the letter also acted as if the Republicans were using their opposition to the Commission to cover for GOP members. “On Jan. 6 where some officers served their last day in the US Capitol Police uniform, and not by choice, we would hope that the Members whom we took an oath to protect, would at the very minimum, support an investigation to get to the bottom of EVERYONE responsible and hold then 100 percent accountable no matter the title or position they hold or held.”On the…

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