US Indo-Pacific Admiral Warns Of The Looming Threat That The CCP Poses For The West.

According to US military and political authorities, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is waging a whole-of-society campaign to destroy the rules-based international order and promote its own brand of dictatorship. “The People’s Republic of China is the most significant strategic competitor the United States has ever faced,” stated US Indo-Pacific Command Commander Admiral John Aquilino. “They are waging a focused effort that employs all kinds of state power in an attempt to destroy the rules-based international order for their own gain and at the expense of everyone else.” During a hearing on national security concerns in the Indo-Pacific on March 9, Aquilino gave his testimony to the House Armed Services Committee. Committee Chair Adam Smith (D-Washington) echoed Aquilino’s concerns, saying that the CCP posed the greatest challenge to the United States’ ability to maintain global leadership. He claimed that the…


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