Watchman Says Deep State, AKA Satan Soldiers Are Making the Rounds “No One’s Got to Me. I Ain’t Scared of SH!T” NYC Trucker Boycott Leader ‘Chicago Ray’ Steps Down—Things Will Get Ugly Very Soon! Satan Soldiers Playing for Keep and Civil War Walk Another Steps Forward 

Please Give Please Give You can also send a check to PO Box 127, Pontotoc, TX 76869. The HIMEDIA Group. Join the cause. Donate now. By SRH, Watchman Reports Deep State, Also Known as Satan Soldiers, Are Active No one has access to me. “I’m Not Fearful of SH!” “Chicago Ray,” the leader of the NYC trucker boycott, steps down; things will soon get ugly! Satan Soldiers Playing for Keep and Civil War Walk: More Progress Chicago Ray has resigned from leading the boycott; he is the trucker that sparked the justified rage of millions of Americans as well as his fellow truckers. Does this signify the truckers’ boycott of New York City is coming to an end? Chicago Ray was incensed over the startling $350 million fine imposed on the former president Trump in the most recent fraud case…


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