Watchman Says California Has Gone Evil—Anyone Making That Criticism as Some Sort of Alt-Right Extremist by Branding Them as Transphobia, Xenophobe, or Whatever Empty Insult Best Fits the Context of the Argument.

HNewsWire: By blueapples blueapples on X The pervasive progressive agenda that has become the ideological compass driving policymaking in California has turned what was once romanticized as the Golden State into something more synonymous with a degenerate cesspool. While proponents of that progressive agenda would be quick to chastise anyone making that criticism as some sort of alt-right extremist by branding them as a transphobe, xenophobe, or whatever empty insult best fits the context of the argument, the most recent action from the California Assembly makes it difficult to argue with any repudiation of what the state deems political correct. The latest instance of this slow but steady moral decline was evidenced by the California Assembly Public Safety Committee rejecting provisions in a bill that would have made solicitation of prostitution of a minor a felony. Republican State Senator Shannon…


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