Did Wyandotte County Da’s Office Drop the Ball in Child Rape Case Against Sheriff’s Deputy? Lawless Prevails

One of the most infamous incidents of sexual assault in the Bible is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah found in Genesis 18—19. The men of these cities were so wicked that they attempted to rape the two angels who, in human form, were visiting Lot. The men of Sodom were ready to beat Lot’s door down in order to assault his guests. Lot and his family only escaped because the angels blinded the mob and whisked Lot’s family to safety. Because of the sexual perversion of Sodom and the surrounding cities, God utterly destroyed them. Since Wyandotte County authorities announced, with some fanfare, the April arrest of a sheriff’s deputy on child sex abuse charges, the case nearly ran aground. Inexplicably, the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s office failed to produce any evidence at Michael Edward Mastel’s scheduled preliminary hearing last week — and hadn’t shared its…


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