Watchman:”Not Only Are Children Receiving Unlicensed Experimental mRNA Gene Transfer Injections Referred to as “Vaccines,” Which They Are Not, but Damaged Youngsters Have Virtually No Recourse

SRH: I Wrote This Article Over a Year Ago, HNewsWire- There are several reasons to be concerned about the COVID-19 vaccinations, which were rushed to market with little testing and aggressively sold to an uneducated population, potentially resulting in massive, permanent negative repercussions. One possible effect is that the limited supply of progenitor B cells in the bone marrow is depleted early in life, preventing the production of new antibodies against pathogenic pathogens. Even more concerning is the likelihood that these vaccinations, both mRNA and DNA vector vaccines, may become a road to devastating illness in the future. ( Pestilence ) We will likely see an alarming increase in several major neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, CKD, ALS, and Alzheimer’s disease, as a result of the spike protein’s prion-like action, and these diseases will appear with increasing prevalence among younger and…


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