Illness of the Mind: Satan’s Soldier Biden Rachel Levine Promotes ‘Demonic’ Sex Change Surgery and Puberty Blockers for Children; Only Satan Could Have Created a More Devastating Life-Changing Event For a Child, Demons In Our WH

SRH:I am a firm believer that if the Good Lord created you as a male, you are a boy, and if he created you as a girl, you are a girl. We must particularly safeguard our children from these extreme, life-altering medications and operations since they are at such a vulnerable age. Instead, let us all concentrate on assisting children in becoming into the adults God intended them to be. Since January 20, 2021, Biden has been surrounded by individuals (he, she, they) who have kept him on a restricted (though not always straight) road. For example, Biden established a White House Gender Policy Council, which issues consistently left-liberal position papers, such as one calling for “advanced equality for transgender Americans” on March 8. For the most part, the MSM has been totally supportive of this agenda—when not applauding for…


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