China Continues to Bolster Its Military Strength Amid Ukraine Crisis.

On March 7, regime leader Xi Jinping said that the law should be used to build, strengthen, and govern the army, as well as to use the law to strengthen China’s military engagements with foreign countries, improve the rule of law in national defense and military construction, and provide strong legal grounds for advancing the cause of a strong military. At the annual conference in Beijing, Xi addressed representatives from the Chinese military and armed police services, “Improve the application of law in foreign-related military matters.” “Make an overall plan [in other nations] that blends military operations and battling with the law,” Xi, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of China’s military, continued. “Finish the laws and regulations that govern military engagements with foreign countries.” This is the latest order, which comes after the Chinese regime announced its proposed defense budget…


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