Update: Second Woe: Russia and Israel Clash Over Syria The Most Recent Escalation in the War Was an Israeli Attack That Reportedly Triggered Russia, Putin, “They Will Attack Israel Soon”

The Russian Military Fires S-300 Missiles at Israeli Jets Over Syria—the Dangerous Love Triangle Syria—Israel’s Mortal Enemy HNewsWire: This might be a dramatic change in Moscow’s stance toward Israel, according to Channel 13 news, which claimed Monday that Russian soldiers fired S-300 anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli planes after an alleged IAF raid on northwestern Syria last week. The Israeli Air Force targeted multiple locations near Masyaf in northern Syria on Friday night, according to an outsourced allegation. Syria’s official news agency said that at least five persons were killed and seven were injured in the bombing. As reported by other Iranian media outlets, six personnel were killed while attempting to shoot down Israeli missiles using a Pantsir air defense system. Israeli airstrikes on Syria in recent years have been thwarted by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles, which have been reported to have…


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