Watchman Warning: The Troubles of Silicon Valley Bank (Svb) Have Become Apparent Very Suddenly and Hence Matter Significantly for That Precise Reason. This Is the Tip of the Iceberg. Banks Run Have Begun, Sivb Is Down Another 45% Overnight, How About That BigTech Hard Landing!

SRH: Maybe you were an investor there. Perhaps you’re irritated that the money you’ve worked your entire life to save has been locked up in a safe until the FDIC can sort things out. Take heart, though. You may no longer have your cash, but by spending a few minutes on the SVB website, you may learn about how responsible they have been with their greenhouse gas emissions. Investment banks, God knows, are the biggest polluters, second only to crude oil container ships and ancient John Deere tractors. HNewsWire: Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been shut down by regulators after its stock plunged by 60% on Thursday and 62% in premarket trading Friday due to mass customer withdrawals. US futures and European stocks pared broader declines earlier sparked by a rush to havens amid concerns about the health of the……...

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