Pennsylvania Citizens Hold Prayer Rally At State Capitol Calling for Christian Morality In Governance.

On May 2, a prayer rally was staged on the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol in response to fears that America was on the verge of becoming socialist. At Citizens for Liberty’s “Make Pennsylvania Godly Again” gathering, state officials and political hopefuls were among the speakers. The head of the Montgomery County-based organization, Jane Taylor Toal, told The Epoch Times, “We need to incorporate God back into our governance.” As the primary elections in Pennsylvania loom on May 17, Toal and allies expressed anxiety about the state’s future trajectory. “We need godly individuals in government because they cannot lead us unless they are godly.” They will take us to socialism and communism, which we are, sadly, slowly but steadily moving into,” she warned. According to Toal, an increasing number of Americans believe their God-given entitlement to the Second Amendment…


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