Watchman: Yes, They Created COVID-19 and the COVID Vaccines Years Before the Pandemic Was Declared. This Was Planned and Staged in Advance for Over 20 Years–No Doubt it was a U.S. Department of Defense Military Operation

SRH: Good versus Evil Demands a Response The Bible’s teaching on good versus evil leads to a challenging conclusion: that every person is obligated to make a fundamental choice between the two. That choice is entirely determined by our response to God, who is both the definition of good and our Creator. Moment by moment, that means either following His will or rebelling and choosing to sin (1 Corinthians 10:13). Eternally, this means we either choose to accept Him and His salvation (John 3:16; 14:6) or align ourselves against Him (John 3:36). While we may be imperfect and fallible, we cannot be neutral in our approach to good versus evil. Our hearts are either seeking the goodness of God (Matthew 7:7–8; Romans 2:4) or the selfishness of evil (1 Peter 3:10–12). HNewsWire: REGARDING COVID-19: There are so many levels of deception and…


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