Watchman: Yes, They Created COVID-19 and the COVID Vaccines Years Before the Pandemic Was Declared. This Was Planned and Staged in Advance for Over 20 Years–No Doubt it was a U.S. Department of Defense Military Operation


Good versus Evil Demands a Response

The Bible’s teaching on good versus evil leads to a challenging conclusion: that every person is obligated to make a fundamental choice between the two. That choice is entirely determined by our response to God, who is both the definition of good and our Creator. Moment by moment, that means either following His will or rebelling and choosing to sin (1 Corinthians 10:13). Eternally, this means we either choose to accept Him and His salvation (John 3:1614:6) or align ourselves against Him (John 3:36). While we may be imperfect and fallible, we cannot be neutral in our approach to good versus evil. Our hearts are either seeking the goodness of God (Matthew 7:7–8Romans 2:4) or the selfishness of evil (1 Peter 3:10–12).


REGARDING COVID-19: There are so many levels of deception and corruption that cannot be explained in a few sentences. There were many levels of attacks and crimes happening all at one time. Yes, they used a fraudulent PCR test to create Covid cases when in fact it was just the flu or common cold or nothing at all, as in the case of asymptomatic testing that showed 97% false positives. Yes, they created a manmade engineered virus in the United States called SARS-CoV-2 better known as Covid-19 and deliberately released it on the world.

There were people getting sick from Covid-19 and it was not the flu, however this newly created virus was treatable with Ivermectin and other safe drugs. Yes, they blocked early treatments for several reasons, to increase deaths, fear and most importantly to get approval for the experimental lethal Covid Vaccines. They changed laws and changed the definition of a pandemic so it could be declared. The FDA had no role in approving these experimental vaccines because it was a U.S. Department of Defense military Operation. Yes, they created Covid-19 and the Covid vaccines years before the Pandemic was declared. This was planned and staged in advance for over 20 years. It is clear that the plan was to kill as many people as possible because all vaccine safety data is being ignored and VAERS is reporting astronomical deaths from the Covid vaccines and the vaccines continue.

This is the largest organized crime event in human history that involves every level of society from governments, judicial systems, law enforcements, to health agencies, to hospitals, doctors, nurses, corporations, politicians, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Heads of State, the UN, WHO, WEF, other NGOs, the media, intelligence agencies, the military, universities, education systems, Hollywood, Elites and the list goes on and on. There is only one way to stop this and this is not going to end through the current system which has been thoroughly corrupted. It ends only one way. All the good men and women in the military, law enforcement must organize in each country and in each city recruiting millions of citizens to help with this most critical mission of taking back our lives and our planet. We as humanity are the rightful owners and we the people are the ones who make the ultimate laws.

The mission is to arrest and hold in a secure place all the main people involved in this global crime and global genocide, we know who they are. Then a final verdict by the people will decide the judicial punishment for all those guilty of these crimes. It is not going to happen any other way. It is too big of a crime and too many people are bought and paid for. The reason we do not have more whistleblowers is because they would incriminate themselves and they are probably being threatened with death to themselves and to their families if they speak the truth. We have all the evidence we need, this will not be the first time the people lawfully take justice into their own hands. We have no choice, if we want justice now and if we want these crimes to stop, because understand this they have no intentions of stopping these crimes and many more crimes will come and are planned.

They will only stop when forced to stop physically by being arrested and imprisoned awaiting the final tribunal judicial sentencing by the people. Some say we must be peaceful and wait on the justice system, but you cannot wait on a corrupt system that will never fix itself. America and most democracies around the world were not created by words alone. We must have actions of justice by the people.

True peace will come to humanity when by lawful judicial force the criminals responsible for all these crimes are brought to justice and removed from society so they can no longer do any more harm. They are forcing World War III now, planning a financial collapse, planning another pandemic. They must be stopped now by the good people of humanity.

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The Globe Economic Forum published their controversial "Great Reset" agenda nearly a decade ago, with eight frightening "predictions" for the world by 2030:

You'll possess nothing and be content.
The United States will not be the world's main superpower.
You will not die while waiting for an organ donor.
You'll consume less beef.
Climate change will displace a billion people.
You may be planning a trip to Mars.
Western principles will be put to the ultimate test.
Fossil fuels will be phased out.

While many dismissed the threat as a "right-wing conspiracy theory," we are now witnessing firsthand that it is far from a conspiracy and is rapidly becoming reality.

Watchman Has a Question About WEF: The Truth Is No Matter How Much Each Narcissistic and Likely Psychotic Guest Would Love to Speak on Behalf of Millions, or Even Billions of People, They Simply Don’t

SRH:  This is what happens when We The People mindlessly follow crooked politicians; things will become worse, and if you don't heed their commands, they will cut you off from your bank accounts, food, and the ability to drive your vehicle if necessary. It's known as the social credit system, also known as the mark of the beast.

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HNewsWire: Ebola Likely Leaked From a Lab as Well, The World Health Organization wants us to believe that both Ebola and COVID-19 originated from an infected bat. But did they?

In Guinea, the Zaire Ebola hemorrhagic fever broke out in December 2013 and expanded throughout West Africa over the next three years, ultimately killing 11,323 people. It was the deadliest and most widespread Ebola epidemic in history.

The Ebola pandemic was traced down to a 2-year-old boy in Meliandou, Guinea, according to a report issued at the end of December 2014. Under a hollowed-out tree, the youngster allegedly got touch with an infected fruit bat. Yet, Ebola Virus has never been discovered in any of the bat samples gathered in the region.

Fabian Leendertz, a prominent virus hunter at the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, was the senior author of the 2014 publication in question. Leendertz was also a part of the World Health Organization team that researched the origin of COVID-19 and concluded, without evidence, that SARS-CoV-2 originated in animals.

Sam Husseini and Jonathan Latham, Ph.D., issued a new report in late October 2022 in which they underlined the flaws in the zoonotic origin story and outlined the evidence pointing to a lab breach.

Many of the same persons, firms, and organizations implicated in the Ebola pandemic have also been linked to the supposed production of SARS-CoV, which is baffling.

Although while the thesis that the biggest Ebola outbreak in history was caused by a lab leak is still based on circumstantial evidence, that evidence is persuasive, and the absence of evidence for a zoonotic origin makes it even more so. The same applies to SARS-CoV-2.

How is it that, out of all the experts, firms, and organizations participating in this type of study around the globe, the same small list of individuals appears in both the Ebola case in Guinea and the COVID-19 case?

Virus containment cannot be guaranteed in any of these laboratories, not even those with the highest level of biosafety. Yet a pathogen need not be designed as a bioweapon in order to behave as one.

If gain-of-function research on lethal viruses is permitted to continue, the entire planet will remain at risk, and I do not believe it is an exaggeration to state that gain-of-function research poses an existential threat to humanity. Thus far, fugitive viruses (suspected or confirmed) have not devastated the global population, but our good fortune may one day run out.

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