Chinese Officials Are Constantly Present at WEF Meetings. Why? Because China Is Basically a Laboratory for the WEF’s Policies, There Would Be Absolutely No Autonomy, No Freedom, and No Privacy. And You’ll Be Happy, and Hell on Earth Will Be Great?



Chinese officials are always present at World Economic Forum meetings. Why? Because China is essentially a testing ground for the WEF's policies, there would be no autonomy, freedom, or privacy. And You'll Be Content, and Hell on Earth Will Be Fantastic. Tribulation Participant

When the term "global elite" is used, it typically refers to a tiny number of affluent and influential people who act beyond national boundaries. These non-elected people meet in semi-privacy via different organizations to select which policies they wish to see implemented on a worldwide scale.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is right in the thick of it. Indeed, by having a panel of global leaders attend and speak at its annual Davos meetings, the WEF aims to legitimate and normalize its impact on the globe's democratic states.

A quick glance at the guests at these sessions demonstrates the organization's enormous reach and power. The WEF is attended by the top personalities in journalism, politics, business, science, technology, and finance.

The Davos meetings, according to the media, bring individuals together to debate topics such as "inequality, climate change, and international collaboration." This too basic summary looks tailor-made to make the common person groan in boredom. However, the WEF's themes go much beyond "inequality."

People at the WEF have spoken some frightening things throughout the years, but none of them have received enough media attention. In reality, when the WEF's issues are combined, an overall theme emerges: absolute control of mankind via media, science, and technology while transforming democracies to build a worldwide government.

Continue reading if this seems like a far-fetched conspiracy idea. Here are the ten most dystopian things being promoted by the WEF right now. This sorted list is not in any particular order. Because they're all insane in the same way.

#10 Government Infiltration

The least one can say is that Satan Soldier a.k.a  Klaus Schwab, the WEF's founder and current chairman, is not a friend of democracy. In fact, he sees it as a barrier to a completely globalized society.

Schwab asserts in the World Economic Forum study "Global Redesign" (2010) that a globalized world is best controlled by a "self-selected coalition of multinational firms, governments (including via the UN system), and chosen civil society groups (CSOs)." This is the antithesis of democracy.

He said that governments are no longer the "overwhelmingly dominating players on the global arena," and that "the time has come for a new stakeholder paradigm of international governance." As a result, the Transnational Institute (TNI) portrayed the WEF as a "quiet global coup d'état" to seize control of government.

In 2017, at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, Schwab openly confirmed what the media has always disregarded as a "conspiracy theory": the Globe Economic Forum is "penetrating" governments throughout the world.

Schwab stated:

"I have to emphasize that when I mention people like Mrs. (Angela) Merkel and even Vladimir Putin, and so on, they have all been World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders." But what we are most proud of today is the new generation, including Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau, Argentina's President, and others.

We break into the cabinets. So, yesterday, I attended a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau, and I know that half of his cabinet, if not more, are World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders. (...) This is true in Argentina and in France, where the President is a Young Global Leader."

In this excellent speech, Schwab openly declared that the WEF "groomed" Angela Merkel of Germany, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Justin Trudeau of Canada, and Emmanuel Macron of France. He also claims that at least half of Canada's cabinet is comprised of WEF-aligned officials. This is not some kind of conspiracy theory. This is the genuine truth, as verified by the World Economic Forum's chairman.

#9 Using Sound Waves to Control Minds

"Mind Control Using Sound Waves" was one of the WEF's 2018 debate topics (read my full article about it here). I did not change the headline to make it more exciting; those are the actual terms used by the WEF.

This is the title of a real article that was published on the World Economic Forum's official website. It was removed for unknown reasons, although it may still be seen in online archives.

The technique is mentioned in the article as a viable therapy for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. However, the article warns that "it can heal you, make you hooked, and kill you." It may also be used to remotely manipulate a person's psyche. According to the article:

"I envisage a day when a scientist will be able to control what someone sees in their mind's eye by delivering the proper waves to the right area in their brain." My estimate is that the majority of concerns will be similar to those raised now about subliminal messages in commercials, but much more vehemently.

Misuse of this technology is not without danger. It may be a groundbreaking healthcare device for the ill, or it could be a wonderful controlling weapon for the merciless to use against the weak. This time, though, the command would be literal."

Nobody can stop scientists from creating this technology, according to the article's conclusion. Organizations such as... the World Economic Forum should control it to avoid abuse. This is advantageous since several of the firms developing this technology are WEF members. Do you see where I'm heading with this?

#8 Microchip-Infected Pills

This title, once again, seems like a far-fetched conspiracy idea artfully phrased for excitement. It is not the case. Here's a video from the World Economic Forum's 2018 summit in which Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla discusses tablets with microchips.

Bourla claims:

"The FDA authorized the first 'electronic pill,' if you can call it that." It is essentially a biological chip in the tablet, and when you consume it and it dissolves in your stomach, it transmits a signal indicating that you took the pill. Consider the applications of it, the compliance. Insurance companies would be aware that the medications that patients are supposed to take are really taken. What occurs in this field is intriguing."

Is this a genuinely intriguing field? Or completely dystopian? Imagine the compliance, as Bourla put it. This kind of technology has the potential to enable a wide range of malicious uses. Since then, COVID has placed Pfizer in a position of power unprecedented for a pharmaceutical firm.

The WEF, like Pfizer, is utilizing COVID to further its goal.

#7 Praise for Mass Lockdowns

Cities throughout the globe saw enormous and dramatic lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, resulting in job losses, deaths, drug overdoses, isolation, mental health concerns, domestic violence, bankruptcies, and homelessness. During this heinous time, children were unable to attend school for months and were effectively prohibited from mingling with other children. While huge enterprises thrived, a plethora of small and medium-sized businesses were decimated.

Despite this, the WEF could not disguise its fondness for life-threatening lockdowns. In fact, it published a strange film titled "Lockdowns are quietly improving communities all around the globe." Here's a bit of utter lunacy.

"Lockdowns greatly limited human activity... resulting to Earth's quietest era in decades," the movie says, while presenting dismal scenes of vacant towns and aircraft stalled in the air.

Despite the enormous human misery caused by these lockdowns, the WEF deemed it all worthwhile since "carbon emissions were down 7 percent in 2020."

When this was initially uploaded, it drew a lot of criticism. So the WEF removed the video above and replaced it with this tweet.

Despite removing the video, the WEF continued to praise lockdowns. This is because the WEF wants "covidian" existence to become permanent.

#6 "A Look Into the Future"

According to comments on YouTube and other media, many despise the WEF's videos. They keep coming, however. Because they don't give a damn what you think. They just want to sow the seed of craziness in your head. The WEF encourages viewers to "have a peep into the future" in a film titled "How our lives might soon look" (see my complete post about it here). And it's called BLEAK. It all comes down to making COVID life permanent.

Masked persons, Purell dispensers, and QR codes abound throughout the video. This is the kind of future they seek. Then there's this tidbit of lunacy.
No. Go away.

They boldly proclaims:

"NASA has developed a laser-based device that can identify you based on your heartbeat."

As if that weren't enough, the film depicts youngsters who are trapped at home and being educated via screens. The film concludes with individuals donning masks outdoors, as if they were insane.
NONE. Go away.

#5 Pushing for a Fantastic Reset

As previously indicated, the World Economic Forum sees the epidemic as a "opportunity." It is a chance not only to remodel our own lives, but also to reorganize the whole global structure according to its ideas. The World Economic Forum refers to it as "the Great Reset." To promote this Reset (which no one wants), the WEF developed a propaganda film (which meets the definition of "propaganda" perfectly). Here it is in all its craziness.

This little film manages to convey a plethora of subtle ideas. It even mocks "conspiracy ideas" while, astonishingly, validating them.
A still from the video. Are you sure?

The video also declared capitalism's "death."
Another bizarre image from the video.

While capitalism is founded on a self-regulating system of supply and demand, the Great Reset seeks to redefine how enterprises are judged using new criteria. The primary one is adherence to the elite's social and political ambitions.

The narrator says this intriguing statement towards the end:

"And it all comes down to having the right people in the right location at the right time."

While the film does not fully explain what this term implies in real-life settings, the ramifications are frightening. Instead of allowing successful individuals and firms to flourish naturally, the elite's system would intervene to "get the right people in the right place at the right time," as per its plan. In other words, in a new economy, the system would be rigged and conformity with a larger objective would be necessary.

The film concludes with an invitation to viewers to participate. However, you are not officially invited to the WEF. In reality, they want to "recalibrate" your freedom of expression.

#4 "Recalibrating" free expression

The constant ranting against free speech is an obvious method to recognize international leaders nurtured by the WEF. They despise it and are always asking for the internet to be blocked and heavily controlled. Julie Inman Grant, Australia's "eSafety commissioner," declared at the 2022 Davos summit that we need a "recalibration of free expression."

Grant stated:

"We're in a situation where there's increased polarization everywhere, and everything seems binary when it doesn't have to be." As a result, I believe we will need to reconsider a wide variety of human rights issues that are being played out online. You know, everything from free speech to freedom from cyber violence."

Grant is basically advocating for censorship in this passage. She even argues that "online violence" could be used as an occasion to "recalibrate" freedom of expression as a fundamental right. The term "online violence" does not exist. They like associating communication with violence. It is a very deceptive method of justifying Chinese-style censorship.

In truth, free speech is binary. It either exists or it does not. And they obviously do not want it to exist.

#3 Keeping Track of Your Clothes

The World Economic Forum wants to govern your clothing. They even produced a video about it. Did I mention that people despise WEF videos? Here's another one that got folks riled up.

Using the environment as a pretext (as usual), the World Economic Forum announced the arrival of garments laced with "digital passports" that can be tracked at all times. These clothes, backed by Microsoft (of course), are expected to flood the market by 2025.

According to the World Economic Forum, these chips would enable fashion firms to resell their products. I'm not sure how it would work. The video makes no mention of the fact that this technology may be used to follow folks who have abandoned their handsets.

However, abandoning your smartphone may become... impossible.

#2 "By 2030, smartphones will be embedded in your body."

Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark said during the 2022 Davos forum that "smartphones would be implanted directly into the body" by 2030. This would correspond with the introduction of 6G technology, which is planned by the end of the decade.

Towards years, this website has documented the elite's never-ending campaign for transhumanism, or the blending of people and robots. They want to hasten this transition by making essential items (such as cellphones) accessible in transhumanist form.

Do you notice their weird willingness to implant objects into our bodies?

#1 "You'll have no ownership. And You'll Be Content."

This is most likely the most dismal period in WEF history. In 2016, Ida Auken, a Danish Member of Parliament, stated:

"Welcome to the year 2030. I have nothing, no privacy, and my life has never been better."

The WEF was so taken by the statement that it tweeted about it.

The WEF also produced a video (that everyone despised) titled "8 Predictions for the World in 2030." Here's an example.
The World Economic Forum likes to couch its "predictions" in a non-conditional manner, as if they are unavoidable. But look at this happy person. He seemed to be content. Thank you, World Economic Forum!

According to a WEF website article:

"I don't have anything." I don't have an automobile. I don't have a home. "I have no appliances or clothing," says Danish MP Ida Auken. In the city of 2030, where residents have mastered clean energy and borrow what they need on demand, shopping is a distant memory. It sounds idyllic until she says that her every step is watched and that swaths of unhappiness exist outside the city, the ultimate vision of a society divided in two.

There are no items to possess in this bleak future. Only "services" that are leased and provided by drones are eligible. This arrangement would render all humanity fully reliant on WEE-controlled companies for all of their fundamental needs. There would be no autonomy, no liberty, and no privacy. And you'll be content.

Individual carbon footprint tracker receives honorable mention

J. Michael Evans, president of Alibaba Group, announced the construction of a "individual carbon tracker" during the 2022 Davos summit.

Once again, the WEF takes use of the environment to encourage micromanagement of human behavior. Evans claims that the tracker can follow "where they're going, how they're going, what they're eating, and what they're consuming on the platform."

He used the pronoun "they" rather than "us" since there is no way in hell he's going to use that. Neither do I.

To summarize

When analyzing this list, two similar patterns emerge. The first is "penetration." Using "Global Leaders," the WEF hopes to get access to countries (aka Manchurian candidates). It also wants to infiltrate our bodies through drugs, microchips, and vaccinations. It also intends to infiltrate our thoughts via the use of sound waves, censorship, and propaganda.

The second topic is "control." They want to have control over our thoughts, where we go, what we say, what we eat, and what we dress.

Do you know who agrees with the World Economic Forum? China. Censorship is prevalent, people's activities are governed by a social credit system, and COVID is still used as a reason for large lockdowns and absolute population control. Not to mention the physical internment camps. Despite this, Chinese officials are always present at WEF sessions. Why? Because China serves as a testing ground for the WEF's policy.

With all of that stated, how can we combat the WEF's lunacy? How can we vote them out if they were never elected in the first place? A first step would be to elect legislators who oppose the WEF at all levels of government. The WEF's power would be substantially decreased if our elected authorities recognized it as the rogue, illegitimate organization that it is.

Second, we may boycott any corporation that participates in the WEF. I understand that this is easier said than done since many of these businesses are virtual monopolies. However, if we stop giving them our money, they will cease poisoning our lives.

They will then own nothing. And we'll all be content.


The White House, Biden Trump, the Elitist club, CDC, a large number of Democratic legislators, and employees of Pfizer are exempt from the mandate.

If you're a child of God, if you're a Christian, you should not be afraid to die, first of all, So the reason why they can cage us is we're all so scared. So I said, you know, die saved and die human. And don't allow yourself to be genetically modified. These things (Kill Shot) are no vaccine, they are gene therapy.

I think they're evil. I don't think they're even human. Because you cannot be a human and be that evil, When we talk about evil, Fauci's an epitome of evil. If you know what Fauci did in the days of AIDS. The things that Fauci does, Fauci is the epitome of evil. And you know what, the good news about it is, at the end of the day, all of us are going to have a creator, that judges.

There is no reason for you to be giving a vaccine for a disease that's completely treatable, and completely preventable, the death rate of COVID is not that high. So, we need to wake up and realize that these mandates, the vaccines, and everything is taking us right into the book of Revelations where you cannot buy or sell without taking the VAX. Tribulation...
COVID-19 Detention Camps: Are Government Round-Ups Of Resistors In Our Future?

“No doubt concentration camps were a means, a menace used to keep order.”

- Albert Speer, Nuremberg Trials

It’s no longer a question of whether the government will lock up Americans for defying its mandates but when.

This is what we know: the government has the means, the muscle and the motivation to detain individuals who resist its orders and do not comply with its mandates in a vast array of prisons, detention centers, and FEMA concentration camps paid for with taxpayer dollars.

It’s just a matter of time.

It no longer matters what the hot-button issue might be (vaccine mandates, immigration, gun rights, abortion, same-sex marriage, healthcare, criticizing the government, protesting election results, etc.) or which party is wielding its power like a hammer.

The groundwork has already been laid.

Under the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the President and the military can detain and imprison American citizens with no access to friends, family or the courts if the government believes them to be a terrorist.

So it should come as no surprise that merely criticizing the government or objecting to a COVID-19 vaccine could get you labeled as a terrorist.

After all, it doesn’t take much to be considered a terrorist anymore, especially given that the government likes to use the words “anti-government,” “extremist” and “terrorist” interchangeably.

For instance, the Department of Homeland Security broadly defines extremists as individuals, military veterans and groups “that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely.”

Military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan may also be characterized as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats by the government because they may be “disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.”

Indeed, if you believe in and exercise your rights under the Constitution (namely, your right to speak freely, worship freely, associate with like-minded individuals who share your political views, criticize the government, own a weapon, demand a warrant before being questioned or searched, or any other activity viewed as potentially anti-government, racist, bigoted, anarchic or sovereign), you could be at the top of the government’s terrorism watch list.

Moreover, as a New York Times editorial warns, you may be an anti-government extremist (a.k.a. domestic terrorist) in the eyes of the police if you are afraid that the government is plotting to confiscate your firearms, if you believe the economy is about to collapse and the government will soon declare martial law, or if you display an unusual number of political and/or ideological bumper stickers on your car.

According to the FBI, you might also be classified as a domestic terrorism threat if you espouse conspiracy theories or dare to subscribe to any views that are contrary to the government’s.

The government also has a growing list—shared with fusion centers and law enforcement agencies—of ideologies, behaviors, affiliations and other characteristics that could flag someone as suspicious and result in their being labeled potential enemies of the state.

This is what happens when you not only put the power to determine who is a potential danger in the hands of government agencies, the courts and the police but also give those agencies liberal authority to lock individuals up for perceived wrongs.

It’s a system just begging to be abused by power-hungry bureaucrats desperate to retain their power at all costs.

It’s happened before.

As history shows, the U.S. government is not averse to locking up its own citizens for its own purposes.

One need only go back to the 1940s, when the federal government proclaimed that Japanese-Americans, labeled potential dissidents, could be put in concentration (a.k.a. internment) camps based only upon their ethnic origin, to see the lengths the federal government will go to in order to maintain “order” in the homeland.

The U.S. Supreme Court validated the detention program in Korematsu v. US (1944), concluding that the government’s need to ensure the safety of the country trumped personal liberties.

Although that Korematsu decision was never formally overturned, Chief Justice Roberts opined in Trump v. Hawaii (2018) that “the forcible relocation of U. S. citizens to concentration camps, solely and explicitly on the basis of race, is objectively unlawful and outside the scope of Presidential authority.”

Roberts’ statements provide little assurance of safety in light of the government’s tendency to sidestep the rule of law when it suits its purposes. Pointing out that such blatantly illegal detentions could happen again—with the blessing of the courts—Justice Scalia once warned, “In times of war, the laws fall silent.”

In fact, the creation of detention camps domestically has long been part of the government’s budget and operations, falling under the jurisdiction of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

FEMA’s murky history dates back to the 1970s, when President Carter created it by way of an executive order merging many of the government’s disaster relief agencies into one large agency.

During the 1980s, however, reports began to surface of secret military-type training exercises carried out by FEMA and the Department of Defense. Code named Rex-84, 34 federal agencies, including the CIA and the Secret Service, were trained on how to deal with domestic civil unrest.

FEMA’s role in creating top-secret American internment camps is well-documented.

But be careful who you share this information with: it turns out that voicing concerns about the existence of FEMA detention camps is among the growing list of opinions and activities which may make a federal agent or government official think you’re an extremist (a.k.a. terrorist), or sympathetic to terrorist activities, and thus qualify you for indefinite detention under the NDAA. Also included in that list of “dangerous” viewpoints are advocating states’ rights, believing the state to be unnecessary or undesirable, “conspiracy theorizing,” concern about alleged FEMA camps, opposition to war, organizing for “economic justice,” frustration with “mainstream ideologies,” opposition to abortion, opposition to globalization, and ammunition stockpiling.

Now if you’re going to have internment camps on American soil, someone has to build them.

Thus, in 2006, it was announced that Kellogg Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, had been awarded a $385 million contract to build American detention facilities. Although the government and Halliburton were not forthcoming about where or when these domestic detention centers would be built, they rationalized the need for them in case of “an emergency influx of immigrants, or to support the rapid development of new programs” in the event of other emergencies such as “natural disasters.”

Of course, these detention camps will have to be used for anyone viewed as a threat to the government, and that includes political dissidents.

So it’s no coincidence that the U.S. government has, since the 1980s, acquired and maintained, without warrant or court order, a database of names and information on Americans considered to be threats to the nation.

As Salon reports, this database, reportedly dubbed “Main Core,” is to be used by the Army and FEMA in times of national emergency or under martial law to locate and round up Americans seen as threats to national security. There are at least 8 million Americans in the Main Core database.

Fast forward to 2009, when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released two reports, one on “Right-wing Extremism,” which broadly defines rightwing extremists as individuals and groups “that are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely,” and one on “Left-wing Extremism,” which labeled environmental and animal rights activist groups as extremists.

Incredibly, both reports use the words terrorist and extremist interchangeably.

That same year, the DHS launched Operation Vigilant Eagle, which calls for surveillance of military veterans returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and other far-flung places, characterizing them as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be “disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.”

These reports indicate that for the government, so-called extremism is not a partisan matter. Anyone seen as opposing the government—whether they’re Left, Right or somewhere in between—is a target, which brings us back, full circle, to the question of whether the government will exercise the power it claims to possess to detain anyone perceived as a threat, i.e., anyone critical of the government.

The short answer is: yes.

The longer answer is more complicated.

Despite what some may think, the Constitution is no magical incantation against government wrongdoing. Indeed, it’s only as effective as those who abide by it.

However, without courts willing to uphold the Constitution’s provisions when government officials disregard it and a citizenry knowledgeable enough to be outraged when those provisions are undermined, it provides little to no protection against SWAT team raids, domestic surveillance, police shootings of unarmed citizens, indefinite detentions, and the like.

Frankly, the courts and the police have meshed in their thinking to such an extent that anything goes when it’s done in the name of national security, crime fighting and terrorism.

Consequently, America no longer operates under a system of justice characterized by due process, an assumption of innocence, probable cause and clear prohibitions on government overreach and police abuse. Instead, our courts of justice have been transformed into courts of order, advocating for the government’s interests, rather than championing the rights of the citizenry, as enshrined in the Constitution.

We seem to be coming full circle on many fronts.

Consider that two decades ago we were debating whether non-citizens—for example, so-called enemy combatants being held at Guantanamo Bay and Muslim-Americans rounded up in the wake of 9/11—were entitled to protections under the Constitution, specifically as they relate to indefinite detention. Americans weren’t overly concerned about the rights of non-citizens then, and now we’re the ones in the unenviable position of being targeted for indefinite detention by our own government.

Similarly, most Americans weren’t unduly concerned when the U.S. Supreme Court gave Arizona police officers the green light to stop, search and question anyone—ostensibly those fitting a particular racial profile—they suspect might be an illegal immigrant. A decade later, the cops largely have carte blanche authority to stop any individual, citizen and non-citizen alike, they suspect might be doing something illegal (mind you, in this age of over-criminalization, that could be anything from feeding the birds to growing exotic orchids).

Likewise, you still have a sizeable portion of the population today unconcerned about the government’s practice of spying on Americans, having been brainwashed into believing that if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

It will only be a matter of time before they learn the hard way that in a police state, it doesn’t matter who you are or how righteous you claim to be, because eventually, you will be lumped in with everyone else and everything you do will be “wrong” and suspect.

As Time Goes on There Will Be a Lot of Politicians, Police Officers, Judges That Will Take Cover in Other Words They Are Going to Remain Neutral Out for Fear for Their Lives. You Are On Your Own, Prepare For The Worst, Pray for the Best –Tribulations Will Be Very Ugly

I Want Everyone to Know, Never Take Anyone’s Word for the Gospel, Especially Revelations, Here’s How It Works. When You’re in the Word God Will Speak to You Through His Holy Spirit He Will Move You in the Direction He Wants You to Go. Please Stop Looking For That Individual Here on Earth That Has All the Answers, They’re Not Here and That Confuse You.. That Includes Anything I Say, Always Test Every Spirit. Every Word That Is Uttered Out of Any Man’s Mouth Must Be Verified Through the Holy Spirit… Stevieray Hansen

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SRH: It is our belief that the Great Tribulation referred to in the New Testament Book of Revelation (chapters 6-11) is unfolding before our eyes. The opening of the seven seals and the call of the seven trumpets are 14 stages of the Tribulation initiated first in the heavenly realms. Across the four corners of the earth, however, these events will have devastating consequences on humanity.

Revelation: A Blueprint for the Great Tribulation


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