Watchman: Prepare for a “Cryptic” COVID Strain Insane Manhunt in Ohio for Unknown, Asymptomatic “COVID Carrier” They Are Not Finished; The “COVID-19 Project” Psyop Is Still Ongoing.

HNewsWire: Scientists are trying to track down an Ohio resident who they believe is the longest-standing Covid patient ever, can reveal. The patient – thought to live in the Columbus area – is carrying a highly mutated version of the virus that is ‘unlike anything’ experts have seen. The virus has been detected through wastewater sampling and traced back to early 2021. It is being repeatedly picked up along a 40-mile area, signaling that one person is carrying and shedding it through their stool. Dr Marc Johnson, a microbiologist at the University of Missouri, warned the mutations the strain has would be serious enough to make it a ‘variant of concern’ if it began circulating in the population. Please watch this 8 min video by Tim Truth and share it widely. Reminder: The World Bank document titled “COVID-19 STRATEGIC PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE PROGRAM AND PROPOSED……...

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