Watchman Sounds Warning: Dr. Ardis Further Discovered That the Jabs Contain Venom From Snakes and Snails. Additionally, It Is Present in Chem Trails, on Crops, and in Water, Including Municipal Water Supplies. The Term “COVID Virus” Is a Hoax–Tribulation In Play

HNewsWire: Dr. Ardis, a retired chiropractor, was among the first to discover that Remdesivir causes organ failure. Three doses are lethal. Who is the owner of Remdesivir? Trump.) in 5efc990cc5b6acab2849b8a9 Dr. Ardis also discovered that the jowls contain venom from snakes and snails. Additionally, it is present in chem-trails, on crops, and in water, including municipal water supplies. The term “C0vid virus” is a hoax. To infect the world with snake and snail venom, no virus is required. There is optimism. At the 55:00 minute mark, antidotes to break the venom-spike protein bond are administered. Wearing a low-dose nicotine patch or chewing nicotine gum prevents the spike protein venom from attaching to nicotine receptors, as opposed to ACE-2 receptors, which are responsible for the same symptoms as c0vid and “Long Hauler’s c0vid.” Already exposed, our immune systems have been…


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