Watchman Reporting: Demonic Google Has Once Again Changed Our World for the Worst: So Google Has Blacklisted HNW and Black-holed the Site—It’s Just More Crazy-Woke Nonsense—so We Shouldn’t Piss off an Ungodly Dump-A** Snowflake? Well, Maybe We Should Invest More Man Hours in Triggering the Losers

First thought. Whatever is not under the control of Jesus is under the control of the Prince of the Power of the Air, Satan. There is NO gray area. Social media is the kingdom of Satan. If we are going to be on Facebook, Twatter, Evil Google and any online platform, we must understand that we are in a place where gross wickedness dominates. That means we must let our light so shine that men will see our good works (and words) and glorify our Father which is in Heaven. The only reason to go into a brothel is to rescue some fool from Hell. The only reason to go online in social media is to exalt Jesus Christ. Fun be damned. HNewsWire: Excuse me, you two! Here’s a tale that’ll drive you absolutely batshit insane with rage.Those phrases have…


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