Watchman: DC Judge for the United States District Court Sick, Diseased, Truly Evil Anti-American Filth Is What Beryl A. Howell Is. Anonymous Warrants. Covert Deliberations. Confidential Records. The Stuff of Evil Communist Regimes Like That of Adolf Hitler

Watchman: Lawlessness Will Abound in the Days Ahead, It’s Fair to Say That This Country’s People Are on Their Own, All Hell Is About to Break Loose,Satan’s Forces are No Match Against God’s Servant Who is Powered and Directed by God’s Spirit… HNewsWire: Massive COVID fraud, which is as severe as or worse every year, is still going on. The Democrat falsehood that it was Russian disinformation that convinced 10% of voters to support Biden over Trump was a big lie about the Hunter Biden laptop. Currently, there is a gigantic legal scam intended to put Trump in prison for life or at the very least prevent him from standing in the election of 2024 against a candidate who is unable to travel to a grocery store by himself. When will something be done about this, by anyone? WILL OF…


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